What is Xikar?

Some brand names seem to come out of nowhere, to arrive overnight, and to take the world by storm without warning. Xikar is just such a brand name. But, though it might have taken the world by storm, as a brand name it didn’t come out of nowhere. The name comes from the ancient Mayan civilization that Westerners first encountered when the Spanish conquistadors beached their boats on the shores of the Americas: a “New World” where they discovered a people who smoked a thing they called a “xikar” – pronounced, “zy car”. And the brand name didn’t arrive overnight. It first had to travel back to Spain and start being called a “cigar”. And then it had to wait until 1996, when, in the USA, this awesome brand was born and took the world by storm. Today, they are renowned for its excellence and elegance of design, quality, sophistication, and reliability as one of the most civilized brand names in the lighters/ cutters industry.