Zippo Sports

Show off your team spirit and love for sports with our sport-related Zippos. Browse our collection today and find the perfect Zippo that represents your favorite sport or team.



What are Zippo Sports?

At Lighter USA, we understand that sports fans are passionate about their teams and love to display their team spirit. That's why we offer a wide selection of sport-related Zippos, allowing you to celebrate your favorite teams and athletes in style. Whether you're a football fan, a baseball enthusiast, or a supporter of any other sport, our sport-related Zippos are perfect for showcasing your love for the game.

Football Zippos: Touchdown in Style Cheer on your favorite football team with our collection of football-themed Zippos. From team logos to iconic football designs, our football Zippos are a great way to show your team pride. Whether you're tailgating before a big game or enjoying the victory with friends, these Zippos add an extra element of excitement to your football experience.

Baseball Zippos: Hit a Home Run Step up to the plate with our baseball-themed Zippos. Featuring baseball motifs, team logos, and baseball-inspired designs, these Zippos are a grand slam for baseball fans. Whether you're at the ballpark or watching the game from home, these Zippos are a stylish accessory that complements your love for the sport.

Basketball, Soccer, and More: Score with Style Our sport-related Zippos go beyond football and baseball. We also offer Zippos with basketball, soccer, hockey, and other sports themes. Whatever sport you're passionate about, we have a Zippo that lets you express your love for the game. These Zippos are perfect for sports enthusiasts, athletes, and fans alike.

Made with the same high-quality craftsmanship as all Zippo lighters, our sport-related Zippos are not only stylish but also reliable and durable. Each Zippo is refillable, allowing you to enjoy your favorite sport while using a reliable and long-lasting lighter.

Lighter USA is committed to providing authentic and officially licensed sport-related Zippos. When you choose our sport-themed Zippos, you can be confident in their quality and authenticity.