Discover cutting-edge vaping technology with iKrusher, a trusted brand known for their innovative and high-performance vape devices. At Lighterusa, we proudly offer a wide selection of iKrusher products, providing you with an exceptional vaping experience.



What is iKrusher?

Vaping is more than sessions, it is an experience that should be meaningful for users each and every time. It is a way to relax the stresses of the day away or enjoy good times with family and friends. iKrusher understands what users want and crave. This is why they are known as the #1 trusted global leader in vaporizer innovation and technology. Their mission is to provide the most innovative, lab-tested, and custom vaporizer solutions to users around the world. We've got the iKrushers you've been looking for!

iKrusher's Motto

First, let's learn a little bit about the company behind the products. iKrusher was founded in 2016. They are a USA-based company that has a global presence with offices and warehouses located around the world. This makes for effective manufacturing and distribution. iKrusher's motto is to provide technologically advanced, authentic, and transparent products. They achieve this by setting excellence as their standard and continuing to develop focused and integrity-driven vaporizer technology. Their belief that quality should be combined with cutting-edge technology is at the heart of everything produced and what sets them apart from others in the field. Their line of devices and accessories is impressive from top to bottom. 

iKrusher's Line of Quality Vape Products

Lighter USA has partnered with iKrusher and proudly carries a full line of devices and accessories to satisfy any craving. Their modern, sleek, and compact designs mean that you can vape anywhere without the whole world knowing. Let's take a closer look at our line of iKrusher products to see which one is right for you! 

iKrusher VFire Vape Kit

The iKrusher VFire Vape is a powerful, closed-system cartridge device that is ideal for everyday use. This is one of the top selling Ikrsuher prdoucts that have swept the oil users away. Additional features include:

  • Choose from 4 colors
  • Unique exterior design
  • Pocket friendly and discreet
  • Magnetic cartridge
  • Micro USB charging
  • Internal temperature control
  • Built-in high-rate battery

What's in the Box?

  • 1 Rechargeable device
  • 1 Micro USB charging cable
  • 1 User guide

iKrusher Xen

The iKrusher Xen is a concentrate oil vape mod device with the ability to adjust the internal temperature. The most notable feature of this device is the haptic feedback. It responds once the pod is inserted or when a user takes a hit. Other features include:

  • The battery has a magnetic connection with the pod
  • Conveniently inhale activated
  • Pocket and/or purse-friendly for ultimate discretion

What's in the Box?

  • 1 iKrusher Xen device
  • 1 iKrusher battery
  • 1 Xen USB type C charging cable

      Not to worry, we got all the essentials from iKrusher!

      Lighter USA understands that each session should be an experience all its own. This is why we offer a full line of iKrusher essentials to complete your iKrusher device. Accessories include:

      Which iKrusher Device is Right For You?

      You deserve choices, and boy does iKrusher deliver! As you can see iKrusher products deliver cutting-edge technology and unique features that aren't found anywhere else on the market. Whether you are new to vaping or just want to try something different, iKrusher offers something different you've been looking for. With easy-to-use devices, iKrusher is perfect for those looking to make the transition from traditional smoking to vaping. 

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