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What is Ronson?

Ronson is more than just an iconic brand, a household word, and an inseparable part of, and legendary name in, the history of smoking; the Ronson brand is a living part of history itself. Dedicated to the lighter industry since 1897, and the pioneer of the world’s first sustainable flame lighter – the pre-World War I “Wonderliter” – the Ronson brand lent its name to more than just lighters and smoking accessories. That’s because, during World War II, the British tank crews named their American-made Sherman M4 battle tanks after the famous lighter. This was not, it has to be said, necessarily a tribute to the Sherman tank. Rugged, reliable, and possibly war-winning though it may have been, the Sherman had a tendency to catch fire rather easily when hit by German shellfire. Thus, in keeping with Ronson’s then advertising slogan, “Lights first every time”, British crews dubbed their tanks “Ronsons”.

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