Magic Flight



What is Magic Flight?

Depending on which dictionary you use, the definition of “magic” might vary. In the real world, however, the definition is simple: it’s the art of making effort appear effortless. And that is what Magic Flight does: it takes a huge amount of research, complexity, effort, and hand-crafted workmanship appear totally simple. But it, and the Magic Flight brand of vaporizers and accessories, is very far from simple. Yes, the Magic Flight Launch Box might look like just a wooden box. But it isn’t. It’s much, much more than that. The true magic is that the box only generates vapor when it’s needed, so vapor isn’t wasted, and there’s virtually no secondary smell. So it’s not only ultra portable, it’s ultra discreet; and, best of all, it delivers more dry herb vape than most vape pens are able to match. Hand-crafted from sustainable walnut, cherry wood, and maple, the Magic Flight brand of vaporizers and accessories are very far from retro - they're magic.

And so are Lighter USA’s prices.