Firebird Lighters



What are Firebird Lighters?

There’s a reason why some brands of lighters and smoking accessories soar above the crowd. And it is not just because of price. Exceptional design, dependable reliability, sleek styling, cool colors; these are all qualities that raise a brand above the competition. And just as that is true of high priced, luxury smoking accessory brands, just so is it true of affordable, everyday use smoking accessory brands. Especially when that brand is Firebird. Designed and owned by Colibri, a brand name itself synonymous with a dedication to a seamless blend of form, functionality, design, modern technology, manufacturing excellence, and durability, the Firebird brand of everyday lighters and accessories deliver outstanding value for money without compromising on quality. Dependable, great looking, sharply designed, and with lighters that feature Colibri’s innovative flintless and battery-less Quantum Ignition System, the Firebird brand will raise your smoking experience out of the ashes without setting fire to your budget.

And, at Lighter USA, your cost savings take wings.