We got all of your Oil needs!

We got all of your Oil needs!

Trying to find the right oils and get the right accessories for vaping is not always easy. For those who are moving into oil vaping, getting away from wax vaping is proving to be a healthier and clean vaping option. Despite the number of vape shops found in many areas, being able to tailor to your particular needs and preferences is not always available. Finding a retailer that has quality battery options and vape mods in addition to these oils is something that many vapers seek out for a full quality experience. 


Clean Smoking Needs Quality Batteries

Having a quality battery that you can grab and place into a pre-filled cartridge is convenient for smokers. These batteries are small enough to fit in pants pockets, clutches, and small purses so that they can travel with you. Being able to oil vape when you need to be important for those who are serious about vaping. Being able to securely and discreetly store these vapes is easy to do with pen-style batteries that come with a variety of features. 

Pen-Style Batteries

The Ooze Touchless Slim Battery is ideal for long days when you are out running errands or away from home. It is also equipped with a USB charger that lets you charge where you are. 

A sleeker battery that is also portable and highly powered is the Ooze Twist Lithium-Ion Battery. The voltage for this battery is adjustable and will shut off automatically after 20 seconds for your protection. Many of our clients find this battery to be ideal for storing in the office to grab and go when you need a smoke break. 

A larger version of this battery is the Ooze Twist 320mAh, with the ability to adjust temperatures for your smoking preferences. Take advantage of the preheat mode, where both those new to vaping and those who have been vaping for a while can thoroughly enjoy the experience. 

These batteries are ideal for quick oil vapes and allow users to enjoy the oil experience when they are on the go or unable to settle at home. 

Opt For Oil Mods

If you are not into the oil pens and batteries, oil mods may be more your speed. These mods are more like cartridges and larger than pen-style batteries. Being discreet is not a concern for those using the oil mods. For those who have been vaping for some time, their tolerance will build and the oil mods allow you to obtain a stronger hit as you release the oil vapor. When you purchase one of these oil mods, you also get a charger and a magnet that allows you to easily screw your cartridge in and not get stressed during your vape. 

Types of Oil Mods

With the CCell Silo Vaporizer, you have the temperature already set to the ideal preference and innovating inhalation technology so that vaping is easier. When you take a moment to vape, you are able to do so with ease. Also, the battery life on this oil mod is longer than others in its class, allowing you to go for longer periods between charges. 

Portable and flexible, the Yocan UNI Pro is one of the most sought-after oil mods on the market. Not only does it fit easily in the palm of your hand, but it has an edgier look to it compared to others. When vaping, any 510 cartridges will fit in this mod, allowing you to maximize your vaping experience and get the hit that you need. 

Comparing Oil Mods to Oil Pens

When you take on the oil mods compared to the oil pens, you are looking for a larger vaping experience. The biggest difference between the two types is the size and the ability to store the pen discreetly so that it can be easily transported. Oil mods, while not ridiculously large, are not as easily transportable, needing to be stored in a bag. Oil mods are also more advanced than pens, making them ideal for those who have been vaping for a while. 

Since oil mods are larger than oil pens, they are often more durable because the materials used are stronger and heavier. Also, pens often have a tendency to expire quicker simply because they are used for traveling, getting lost or left, or even dropped in transit. In many cases, the oil mods are left at home and used in the same area. 

Pre-filled Oil Pods

For the most advanced user, the pre-filled oil pods are highly desired. The magnetic connection between this pod and your battery is a relationship that you want to happen. They are so easy to use while there is oil in the pod. Once the pod is empty,  you simply remove the empty pod and replace it with a new filled pod to continue your vaping. The popular iKrusher Replacement Pods appear like a USB drive, sliding right into the battery with ease. These pods are some of the most sought-after in the vaping community because of their convenience and easy-to-use design. They also have a longer life than the other oil options, getting more vapes out of each pod. 

Refillable Oil Pods

If you are looking to refill and reuse your oil pods, there are refillable options available so that you can fill your oil and have it available as you need it. Just apply your favorite oil or blend and enjoy vaping. 

The battery life in these oil pods is also substantial, lasting the longest of all the oil vape options. While the oil pen is ideal for convenience, it is meant to be disposed of rather quickly and has no maintenance. 

Contact Lighter USA For Your Vaping Needs

If you are moving into oils for your vaping or seeking out an array of options, LighterUSA is now offering a variety of different oils and accessories for all of your vaping needs. All the accessories, replacement cartridges, batteries, and anything else you need to maximize your vaping experience are available. Visit us online to browse our products, seeing what we have to offer for the best on-the-go vapes so that you can vape when and where you need it.