Wax Pens 101

Wax Pens 101

Vaping has been growing in popularity over the past few years. There are so many products on the market right now, which makes it a bit confusing to understand the difference between all the types of smoking alternatives. Lighter USA strives to be your go-to resource for the world of vaping. Below you will find all you need to understand what a wax pen is and how it fits into this whole new world within Lighter USA.

What is a Wax Pen?

Wax pens are small, portable devices that were designed to use with oily wax concentrates. Sometimes shaped like a pen, this device is normally within a steel casing and the inside contains a battery, mouthpiece, and a chamber with a coil inside.

How does a pen work?

Pens are very simplistic and easy to learn to use. The high-level directions are to put in your concentrate, heat it up, and inhale. Wax pens use a dab tool that scoops your concentrated oil to be placed on the atomizer. An atomizer is a heating element that converts your chosen concentrate into an inhalable vapor. Once you have added in the vape concentrate, turn on your pen and get ready to enjoy!

Why Use a Wax Pen?

Vaporizers are easy to use and portable to take with you on the go. There are a few more benefits to be aware of before using a wax pen.

  • Health – Everyone is trying to live a healthier life. Vaping is 95% smoke-free, making this a great alternative to smoking. Smoking also has a large exposure to tar, causing major damage with use over the years. Vapes have the benefit of heating enough to activate the ingredients to the right point.
  • Money Saving – There is an investment up front for a pen, but it is worth it overall. A small dab of concentrate can last for quite a few hits. Wax pens are also very sturdy; the steel casing on the outside shell is a great protectant.
  • Discreet – Lighter USA has many types of pens to choose from, all with different designs. Most of the pens do not look like the typical device. This allows you to vape in peace and not draw attention to yourself while out in public.
  • Flavor – Wax pens have a heating feature that allows you to control how hot you would like your vaping Try out the different heating levels to get the perfect flavor.

Types of Heating Coils

There are a few different types of heating coils used in vape pens, but the three most commonly used are ceramic, quartz or titanium. There are slight differences in the coil types, but ultimately it is a personal preference on which to choose for your pen. Coils also differ in the number of rods inside the pen; single, double, or triple. The amount of rods in your pen affects the hit you take; the more rods, the larger your hit.

  • Ceramic – Ceramic coils can withstand high temperatures. Typically, ceramic burns at a lower temperature, giving off a more preferred flavor. Ceramic coils work great with thicker or more solid waxes.
  • Titanium – This is a popular coil, but be careful of the quality of the coil used. Aim for higher quality to ensure it does not become brittle after a few uses.
  • Quartz – Quarts, like ceramic, is resistant to high temperatures. With quartz, there is no need to worry about burning off toxins while vaping. One downside to using quartz as your atomizer is that it burns off most of the wax in the vaping
  • Wick – Using a wick atomizer is popular when using wax oils that have lower viscosity and tend to be runnier. Wick is a good option for these oils because the oil is absorbed into the wick during heating. Since the wick absorbs the oil, you can continue taking a few more hits before having to reload the coil.

Pen Accessories

Not much is needed to accompany a wax pen to enjoy your vape. Pens are small and easy to transport as you go about your day. Having the following accessories will only enhance your experience.

  • Carrying Case – Pens are small and most will fit in your hand. Having a case to hold your pen will help with any smell they might emit and can protect the pen from breaking in your bag or pocket.
  • Dab Tool – A dab tool will be the most used accessory for your pen. A dab tool has one sharp end and one end that is flat. Use the sharp end to place the wax on the coil before you heat and take a hit.
  • Vubbler – Better known as a vaporized blubber, a vubbler is an accessory that is filled with water and places the concentrate directly on the coil. This is commonly found in 510 threaded pens. Attach a vubbler to a battery pack and heat to enjoy.

Things to Consider When Picking Wax Pen

As you start choosing which pen to purchase, consider your budget. Pens can vary in costs for the investment, so do some research into the quality you choose. Battery life should be a factor in your decision. If you choose a pen with a large battery you will have a longer lasting vape but will be carrying around a slightly larger pen. Larger batteries allow for more features, including temperature control. Varying temperature control is a beneficial feature to have in a pen, this allows for you to change how hot the coil is when the concentrate interacts and changes how the flavor tastes on each hit. Changing the flavor is beneficial when you use different waxes to give a more pleasurable experience.

Now that the basics of wax pens have been explained it is time to start shopping for your starter pack. Lighter USA has many options to choose from, but one popular choice is our PAX 3 Vaporizer. This vaporizer has all you will need to get started. If you still would like more information on vaping check out our blog.