Vaping Pulls You Need to Know About

Vaping Pulls You Need to Know About

A large part of the vaping experience is the actual technique of pulling the vapor into your mouth. There are a variety of popular vaping pulls available to you that we will explore in detail below. Remember, no one way of vaping is right for everyone. The top technique is the one that works the best for you as an individual vaper.

Mouth To Lung

The Mouth To Lung pull is arguably the most popular vaping pull as it is one of the easiest to achieve. Many people who choose this method do so as an alternative to the traditional smoking of cigarettes.

To achieve the Mouth To Lung pull, simply draw the vapor into your mouth slowly. Let the vapor settle in your mouth, savor the flavor, and then inhale the vapor into your lungs. By using this technique, you will enjoy an enhanced flavor, use little vaping liquid, and reduce the risks associated with the e-liquid becoming too hot.

Direct Lung Inhale

The Direct Lung Inhale is another popular vaping pull. This technique differs from the Mouth To Lung pull as it draws vapor directly into the lungs instead of letting it settle into the mouth first.

To achieve the Direct Lung Inhale pull, simply draw the vapor into the lungs with as deep of an inhale as possible. This may be similar to sucking the air in from a balloon or taking in a deep breath. Individuals will find that this type of pull is very intense. If done too slowly the vapor gets too hot and may burn so it is best to draw the vapor in quickly. The nicotine pulled into the body is also more intense with this pull than with the Mouth To Lung technique so levels of nicotine must be adjusted accordingly.

Hybrid Hit

The Hybrid Hit is a mixture of the Mouth To Lung technique and the Direct Lung Inhale technique. Most individuals will find that this pull will give them the best of both techniques in a single pull.

To achieve the Hybrid hit, start by drawing some vapor into the mouth like with the Mouth To Lung technique. With some vapor in the mouth, quickly open your mouth and draw in enough air to allow you to pull all of the vapor into your lungs. This is similar to the Direct Lung Inhale. Many individuals find that this is more intense than the Mouth To Lung pull, but not as overwhelming as the Direct Lung Inhale.

Snap Inhale

The Snap Inhale is a somewhat more complicated pull than the others listed above. Essentially, like the Hybrid Hit, you will experience what feels like 2 hits. This is a satisfying pull when done accurately.

To achieve the Snap Inhale, simply allow the vapor to settle in the mouth similar to what would be done with the Mouth To Lung technique, then exhale a small amount of vapor. Immediately after exhaling, draw as much vapor as possible deeply into the lungs.

French Inhale

The French Inhale is a fun vaping pull. It is one of the only vaping pulls that allows you to pull vapor in through the nose.

To achieve the French Inhale, draw in a decent amount of vapor, exhale a small amount of the vapor, and then inhale that cloud of vapor through the nose. This technique may take a little practice, but allows the you to experience the vapor in a unique and intense way.

What E-Liquid Should You Use?

If you enjoy intensity, than you may enjoy cinnamon e-liquids or e-liquids with a high level of nicotine. If you would rather enjoy the process and back off of intensity, than try e-liquids with less intense flavors or lower levels of nicotine. Again, there are many different e-liquids that are available to you. The best e-liquid for you is the one that gives you the best experience.