The Vaporizer of Tomorrow: The G Pen Roam is Next

The Vaporizer of Tomorrow: The G Pen Roam is Next

Grenco's new entry into the vaporizer market is already turning heads. The G Pen Roam is redefining what consumers can expect from a pocket-size vape. As the vaporizer market has exploded over the past decade, products varied in durability and quality. Built from the ground up to last, the G Pen Roam comes with a laundry list of features that make it worthy of long-term consideration. If you're looking for a vaporizer with high-quality replaceable parts, a pleasant vaping experience, water filtration, and clear indicators every step of the way, the G Pen Roam might be exactly what you've been waiting for. In the past, vaporizer designers had to choose between portability and water filtration. Grenco is aiming to change that with the G Pen Roam. The water filtration carefully sits hidden inside the device, but it's there and the effect is obvious from the first draw. Here are five reasons the G Pen Roam might be poised to change the industry.

1. Robust Power

The G Pen Roam's lithium-ion battery clocks in at 1,300mAh and allows you to quickly and reliably reach your preferred temperature. Officially supporting a range of temperatures from 600° - 800° Fahrenheit (315° - 427° Celsius), the battery provides a powerful and long-lasting charge. Additionally, Grenco's passthrough technology makes the G Pen Roam usable even when charging. The device can also be put in MAX Mode, exceeding the normal range and outputting full battery capacity. This is useful for cleaning any residue from the device and vaporizing any extracts that require an even higher temperature.

2. A Smooth User Experience

Every part of the G Pen Roam was built to make the vaping process easy and comfortable. The device takes a maximum of six seconds to reach the desired temperature and even notifies the user through haptic feedback when it's ready. To remove any confusion, the temperature displays on the device's digital display along with a thumbs up icon when it's ready. The display also shows battery level so you're never caught unexpectedly out of charge.

However, the high-quality display and powerful battery are second to the best part of the G Pen Roam—the pleasure of actually using it. The silicone mouthpiece stays cool even when the device is vaporizing at 800° F. Unlike other vaporizers, you won't have to worry about burning your lips. In addition to the temperature and feel of the mouthpiece, the G Pen Roam ensures a smooth draw all the way through. Other vapes of this size don't manage the output necessary for consistent wax vaporization but the Roam delivers exactly what you're looking for. The water filtration system in the G Pen Roam's glass tube provides a fantastic balance between portability and high-quality filtration. 

3. Pure Quality

It's clear from the G Pen Roam's starting price that this device is meant to be a long-lasting, reliable vaporizer. But does the quality hold up to the price? In a word, yes. The temperature control display is built with high-quality, brilliant LEDs. The housing is aluminum and resistant to any dings or dents. The fully quartz tank is housed in protective silicone, similar to the mouthpiece. No expense was spared in selecting reliable materials and this machine is built to last. Grenco even offers a free 1-year warranty in the unlikely event that any of the parts do fail.

Additionally, the entire vapor airpath can easily be disassembled for replacement or cleaning. Each of the durable pieces can easily be pulled out and washed to prevent any buildup from occurring. The G Pen Roam is designed to last a very long time. With a little bit of maintenance, it has the potential to work like new for years and years.

4. Easy Replacement

In the event that any parts of the G Pen Roam do fail outside the warranty period, the device is extremely simple to replace parts of. Searching websites like Lighter USA for the G Pen Roam reveals that any of the replaceable parts can be repurchased for extremely reasonable prices. Like their other offerings, Grenco makes the G Pen Roam easy to keep in your vape rotation for a long time. 

5. The Travel Case

It does seem a little silly to tout a travel case as part of the reason a new vape is high-quality. However, the G Pen Roam comes with a tremendously well-made hemp bag. Along with the bag and the device itself, the package contains the micro-USB charging cable, cleaning tips, and a loading tool. Because the G Pen Roam charges to full in 90 minutes and does come in at a portable size, it's worth considering how often you'll be planning to "Roam" with it. If the answer is even semi-frequently, you'll be pleased with the extras that come along.

The Bottom Line

Vaporizer fanatics are always looking to try something new, and it's important to know if a new vape is worth the money. It's difficult to make an official recommendation because everyone has different tastes. However, the G Pen Roam checks all the boxes. It's a reasonable price for the value you get. It's made exclusively from high-quality parts and replacing them when they eventually fail isn't a chore. The process of actually drawing from the vape is easy and smooth without the risk of burning your lips or fingers. Reviews coming in have already pegged the G Pen Roam as a five-star device, and it's difficult to disagree.

Even just glancing through Grenco's official videos is enough to tell that they're very proud of this product. Once vape fans get a taste of the G Pen Roam, it's likely that future vaporizers will follow in its footsteps. The portable water filtration is just one of the standout features on the Roam but it might go down in vape history as the most important. For more information about the new G Pen Roam or to purchase it from Lighter USA: take a look here and check out our intro video!