Our Favorite Lighters

Our Favorite Lighters

If you’ve ever found yourself in front of a cash register at a gas station, you’ve seen the variety of cheap lighters that are on the market today. Sure, it’s easy to throw down a dollar and a half on a quick and convenient lighter at your local gas station or in the convenience store checkout line. But if you do, you’re seriously missing out.

Believe it or not, choosing a lighter is actually about more than just putting a flame to a few birthday candles or lighting your favorite cigar. There are lighters that have been distinctly built to handle specific situations and tasks. Investing it the right equipment for the job can make your experiences safer, more enjoyable, and even more affordable in the long run. So, before you grab a pack of disposable lighters at your neighborhood corner store, check out some of our favorite lighters and see how much of a game changer they can be.

Zippo Lighters

We’ll start with a classic. Zippos have been around for decades and are an iconic piece of American history. Not only are the sounds an unmistakable part of opening and closing one of the famous lighters, but so are the designs. The range of artwork, designs, and various themes imprinted on Zippos throughout history have made them a collector’s item across the globe. Whether you’re interested in a simple brushed chrome look or you’re more of a neon pink sugar skull kind of person, there’s a Zippo that’s right for you. To see the whole range of options that Zippo offers, check out the brand’s section on the LighterUSA website by clicking here.

Candle Lighters

Candles can be a pain to light, but only if your lighters aren’t up for the job. Take a cheap disposable for instance. Having to twist your wrist one way to keep the glass container at the perfect angle while maneuvering your hand around to try and light the wick, it’s a miracle people don’t burn themselves every single time. Unless, of course, you have the right lighters for the job. The Zippo Utility Flex Neck lighters are an absolute must-have for lighting candles, the grill, or anything that isn’t easily accessible. You can snag one for yourself by checking out this link.

Everyday Lighters

I think most families have a junk drawer in their kitchen, and most of them contain what we like to call the “emergency birthday cake kit” — a pack of birthday candles and one or two disposable lighters. But what if we told you that instead of throwing money away on cheap disposable lighters, you could get a reliable, child-resistant, refillable lighter for a fraction of what you think it will cost? The Vertigo Cross Laser Torch is exactly that. With a double flame and a lifetime warranty, adding these lighters to your life will make that junk drawer’s day. You can pick one up by visiting the LighterUSA website here. Sorry, we only carry the lighters — you’re on your own for the birthday candles.

Whether you’re lighting candles for a romantic dinner at home or looking to add a few Zippos to your collection, the Lighter USA website has all your lighter needs and then some. Be sure to visit their website for lighter related! Need more convincing? Check out our blog about why everyone needs a lighter in their life by clicking here!