Lighter USA Proudly Welcomes RAW Products

Lighter USA Proudly Welcomes RAW Products

Lighter USA would like to warmly welcome RAW Papers to its family. RAW Papers is hands-down the largest and best-selling rolling papers for flower that is available on the market. An optimal experience requires use of only the highest-quality products made from the best ingredients possible. This is exactly what RAW offers. Let's take a look at what makes RAW papers different from the rest and the line of products that Lighter USA proudly carries at the most affordable rates. 

It All Began With a Vision...

The best brands begin with vision and RAW is no exception. Josh Kesselman, the founder of RAW, had the vision to not only create an additive-free paper but make it available to flower smokers all around the world to enjoy. His inspiration came following a situation in which a friend gave him an additive-free cigarette. He decided that if an additive-free cigarette could be made, why couldn't an additive-free paper be produced as well? It was then that he decided to produce the most all-natural cigarette rolling paper possible. In 1993, RAW was born. After years of research and development to perfect the formula, the first sheets of RAW Papers were made! 

RAW's paper products consist of the perfect blend of plant materials that provide the perfect burn rate and consistency for the ideal smoke. Josh Kesselman's mission for RAW has remained the same throughout the years. He strives to ensure that RAW is the leader of the pack in the rolling paper industry. He's not only achieved his mission but surpassed it! 

What Makes RAW Papers a Cut Above the Rest?

RAW papers successfully changed the smoking world by creating and providing products that are designed to elevate the user's smoking experience. Only the highest quality, environmentally friendly products are used in their products. When you choose RAW papers you can rest assured that you are using a product that is:

  • Non-GMO — This means that none of the ingredients have been genetically modified in a laboratory
  • Truly chlorine-free and unbleached
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan-friendly — Rest assured that there RAW's products do not contain animal or animal by-products

It doesn't get any more natural than RAW's paper products. RAW papers' rolling paper products have a proprietary crisscross watermark that prevents runs and provides the user with a clean burn from start to finish. You will not find this feature on any other brand's rolling paper and lends to the exceptional experience that you will enjoy with every smoke.

Giving Back: The RAW Foundation

RAW truly believes in giving more than you receive and that all human life is equal. This is why RAW works to improve as many lives as possible with the resources they have available. They choose projects in which their resources will have the greatest impact. Projects include: 

  • Building wells for the Sisters of Mother Teresa in Ethiopia
  • Helping low-income children receive a stellar education
  • Donating to hurricane relief efforts
  • Funding orphanages in Indonesia
  • Providing clean water wells for communities in Peru

RAW has even helped many abandoned and stray dogs find loving forever homes. There is no doubt that when you choose RAW products you are not only choosing a company that believes in giving back, but also one that believes in taking care of our planet for future generations. RAW has a type of paper for everyone and Lighter USA is proud to introduce the line of RAW products that we offer our consumers.

RAW Papers Sold at Lighter USA

Lighter USA carries a wide range of RAW Paper products to accommodate any size smoke you prefer. Whether you are a traditionalist or would rather partake in a fatter smoke, we've got what you need. For your convenience, we offer not only papers but cones for those who want to be able to fill and smoke. Let's take a look at RAW Papers sold by Lighter USA. There's no doubt that there is a perfect one for you and your needs.   

RAW Organic Hemp Rolling Papers

  • Sizes available: 1 1/4, 1 1/2, and kingsize slims
  • World's highest-quality organic hemp rolling paper
  • Made using the finest organic pure hemp and an organic natural tree soap gumline

RAW Black Rolling Papers

  • Sizes available: 1 1/4, single wide double feed, kingsize slim
  • Double pressed 
  •  Extra-fine 
  • The thinnest unbleached rolling paper available
  • Ultra-thin design allows users to truly be able to taste their terps

RAW Classic Natural Unrefined Rolling Papers

  • Sizes available: 1 1/4, 1 1/2, and kingsize slims
  • Made from RAW's famous unbleached vegan plant fibers
  • Signature crisscross design

RAW Classic Cones

  • Sizes available: 1 1/4 and kingsize
  • Precision-crafted pre-rolled cones
  • Made from the same truly naturally unbleached paper as RAW Classic Papers
  • Ready to be easily filled with your favorite flower
  • No added chalks or dyes

RAW Organic Hemp Cones

  • Sizes available: 1 1/4 and kingsize
  • Crafted from unrefined, pure hemp 
  • No added chalk or dyes
  • Made using a special pure water method to maintain natural qualities of the hemp
  • Each paper is naturally light tan in color and hand-rolled into the ideal cone shape
  • The tip is hand folded into a W to prevent materials from passing through yet offers an unfiltered big draw

Use Only the Best at the Best Price!

When you want only the best, look no further than RAW. There is no doubt that RAW has a passion for their products and genuinely believes in their brand. Founder, Josh Kesselman believes that in only producing products that he, himself would use. It is that mindset, passion, and dedication to not only his products but humanity that have propelled RAW into a rapidly growing company. 

Lighter USA is dedicated to providing only the best products to its customers and could not be more excited to carry the top-selling brand of rolling papers, RAW at an affordable price. Shop RAW papers sold at Lighter USA today!