Lighter USA is Going Crypto!

Lighter USA is Going Crypto!

Never has the world embarked on a rapid digital revolution as it does now. Technology is undoubtedly taking over our way of life and dictating how we do things. The world has reached a point where there is a digital solution for everything, even things we'd never have imagined we could efficiently and discreetly perform with technology. 

For instance, who would have imagined that you can consume your favorite joint discreetly and conveniently wherever you are? That you no longer have to step out of a restaurant or meeting to enjoy a few puffs of your favorite cannabis or hustle to find a smoking zone when you badly need a puff? Or that you can purchase the same online without so much as leaving any proof of the transaction? Well, the new Vaporizer revolution and virtual currencies solved that. 

The Lighter USA's Pax Vaporizer is a product of Pax Labs, one of the top leading vaporizer producers. Founded in 2007, Pax Labs developed this unique product that has since transformed how people consume their recreational and medicinal marijuana in public. 

Another exciting development is that you can conveniently purchase your favorite vaporizer online as discreetly as possible, thanks to Lighter USA's new crypto transition! Read on.

From Smoking To Vaping

When Pax Labs was founded in 2007, the goal was to create a better, more convenient, and modern alternative to using a lighter and a cigarette when consuming marijuana in public. The company's objective was to provide high-level discretion to users under different circumstances. 

As vaping grew more and more popular, many smokers turned to assimilation with the new electronic cigarettes instead of the traditional smoking. This transition grew even more popular after some scientific research showed that vaping is healthier and more friendly to the lungs than smoking.

Another advantage of vaping is that the product offers multiple flavors which users can choose from, unlike a cigarette or joint, which usually contain only a single flavor. 

Although the initial investment in a vaporizer is costly, it's cost-effective in the long run in that you won't have to buy a pack of cigarettes every day or expose your respiratory organs to further health risks. Instead, it proves to be the ideal solution for those seeking to quit traditional tobacco smoking.

Payment Options For Purchasing Pax Vaporizers With Lighter USA

In case you haven't heard the good news, here it is: Lighter USA has gone crypto! This means that you can conveniently purchase any of our products with cryptocurrencies.

After several of our customers expressed a desire to have a more discreet payment option that includes crypto currency, we have honored your wishes and introduced Coinbase Commerce into our transactional options. 

Now you can conveniently select your favorite vaporizer and pay with crypto without worrying about who will pick up the transactional trail. And the benefits of buying products with crypto are immense. Here are a few benefits of using Bitcoin as a medium of exchange which you can now use to purchasing any products on Lighter USA.

Benefits of Using Crypto Currency

Digital currencies are not only unique but also come with multiple benefits compared to traditional currencies. Cryptocurrencies are designed to provide users with several advantages that enable a smooth transactional process which is not possible with fiat currencies that are controlled by central authorities. These notable advantages include:

Autonomy For Users

The significant advantage of using bitcoin and, by extension, all types of cryptocurrencies is autonomy. Digital currencies provide users with more freedom over their money than traditional currencies do. As a user, you have total control of how you spend your money without the need to deal with a bank, government, or any other intermediary authority.


As is the case with most cryptocurrencies, purchasing Bitcoin is discreet. Unless you deliberately publish your Bitcoin transactions, no one will link your purchases to your original identity, same as cash-based purchases. This means that no one can easily trace the transaction back to you.  

This is because the anonymous bitcoin address usually generated for every user purchases automatically changes with every transaction. This doesn't mean that bitcoin transactions are completely anonymous or untraceable but are more unlikely to be connected to your identity than ordinary transactional methods.

No Banking Fees

Although there are a few fees that apply for using Bitcoin, these fees are generally smaller than the average traditional banking fees applicable in regular currencies. This means that the amount spent on deposit and withdrawal fees for bitcoins is reasonable compared to account maintenance fees, overdrafts, minimum balance fees, and other standard banking fees

Works On A Peer-to-Peer Capacity

With the bitcoin payment system, users can transact with anyone all over the world. This peer-to-peer approach eliminates any unnecessary delays that are common with transactions that involve intermediary institutions and government authority which requires different stages of approval and verification.

Low International Transaction Fees

Regular money transfers and foreign transactions commonly involve high fees and exchange rates. Since bitcoin transactions work seamlessly without banking institutions or government directives, transaction costs are generally low. Additionally, Bitcoin transfers are quick, convenient, and timely. 

Mobile Payments

Like all major online payment platforms and digital currencies, users can transact with bitcoins anywhere. All you need is internet access to enjoy the flexibility that isn't possible with credit cards or even banking.


Users can send and receive their Bitcoins on any digital platform. This means that with just a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, you can perform Bitcoin transactions anytime.

A Word From Lighter USA

The digital currency revolution continues to grow, and cryptocurrency remains a popular medium of exchange. For customers who prefer to order products discreetly online, using cryptos is a perfect way to do so without worrying about leaving a transactional trail. 

And Lighter USA is committed to ensuring better customer experiences which include convenience and discretion. Through our coinbase commerce, you can purchase your favorite vaporizer and pay with cryptos. We remain committed to providing a variety of these payment options as they come.