Let's Get Blazy, Susan!

Blazy in the Wild

Every stoner does their ritual a little different. Some have a rolling tray for joints or a small box for broken up bong weed. Some carefully separate out a dab ball, others drip a little oil on the joint to spice it up. You may crush your herb with a grinder or expertly break it up in a box. You may make blended oils or  switch between cartridges during a sesh. Whatever your process, we're all looking for the ideal tray and toolkit for enjoying a perfectly good toke. Something to hold our joints, contain the broken-up leaf, not stick to the dabs, and not take up so much space when we're hanging out to smoke.


The Ultimate Rolling Tray for Multi-Style Stoners

Social stoners on the go often pack up a special box or kit to easily setup and teardown a toking circle. But if your couch or desk is your toking kingdom, the best answer is a multi-purpose yet compact rolling tray. That's what Blazy Susan is slinging to multi-style stoners this summer. Blazy Susan is a snazzy 50s girl with a joint and that carhop tray design genius that has a compartment for everything. Enjoy a little leaf and a little dabs? Like to stand your joints, pens, and spare carts upright on your desk? Always looking for a better rolling tray that does it all?

Blazy Susan has got what you're looking for.  Designed by stoners for stoners, the Blazy Susan is designed to provide everything you could need whether that's a rolling tray, a dab mat, or a vape stand.


What is a Blazy Susan Rolling Tray?

Blazy Susan is a spinning multi-compartment weed tray. It reimagines of a traditional kitchen widget. Ever see a spinning spice rack, or a large family dining table with a spinning tray in the middle? At dinner, that tray passes the peas around the table. On your desk or coffee table, it passes the joint and keeps your toke station organized.

Blazy Susan Compartments

  • 2 Trays, 1 with a nonstick silicone dab pad, the other is polished wood for joint rolling.
  • 1 Rectangular compartment for broken up herb
  • 2 Round compartments for Jars
  • 11 Post holes for variable sized pens, cartridges, and joints
  • 2 Trapezoidal grooves for Silicone Stations
  • 1 central circle for your bong, dab rig, or torch
  • 1 central dab-pad featuring Blazy Susan herself
  • 1 Silicone Dab Station compartment - multi-compartment silicon tray
  • 1 Silicone Ash Tray compartment with a central bowl-cleaning spike

The Blazy Susan makes it possible to enjoy your THC in a variety of mediums and keep it all organized in a tidy space. Instead of having a box for weed, a silicone jar for dabs, a stand for pens and carts, a bottle for oil, and a tray for rolling, you can have it all in one expertly designed tray tool.


How Big is a Blazy Susan Tray?

Blazy Susans are about the size of a large pizza. It is a carved disc 15.5 inches across and about two inches in height. The Blazy Susan will take up about half a coffee table or one-third of a standard dining table. It can also occupy one end of your desk if your computer is your primary toking location.

The Blazy can hold any number of pipes, bowls, bubblers, bongs, and dab rigs. It can hold your cleaning solution, your dab jars, and many joints and blunts. The disc spins evenly on the stand below, making it easy to switch out which workspace is closest or to pass the bong to your buddy across the table.


What is Blazy Susan Made Of?

Each spinning tray is crafted out of wood and varnished in a variety of colors to choose from. Blazy Susans are made from high-quality birch. Each spinning tray is hand-finished with a fine Italian varnish to ensure the highest possible quality. The finish is smooth and the color is always rich. Right now, Blazy Susans are available in Cherry and Walnut varnish or a polished and finished natural Birch. The two painted colors come in a bold black and a soft girlish pink.

If you want a custom Blazy Susan, you can also get an unfinished tray to be painted and varnished. Many stoners are also creative artists. Enhance your stoning environment with your own unique designs. Whether you paint something beautiful, hilarious, or aesthetically fascinating; the Blazy team is always enthusiastic to see new custom designs sent in from buyers who got the unvarnished Blazy Susan to finish themselves.


Replacing Your Stoner Kit with an All-in-One

There are so many ways to enjoy THC today, and each has its own supplies. Vaping requires batteries and cartridges or tanks. Rolling requires papers and broken-up leaf. Dabbing requires a rig, a torch, and a dab pad to separate out your dabs. You may have pipes, bubblers, or bongs. You may have box mods or slender pen batteries. You likely have a weed box. You may have a dab jar. If you like oils and vapes,you may have a stand for pens and carts. But why not combine them?

Instead of a sprawling spread of supplies, the Blazy Susan gathers up all your weed supplies into one handy spinning container. From trays to compartments to post stands, you can combine everything you love about your weed supplies into one organized and elegant solution.


What Do You Give a Stoner Who Has Everything?

The Blazy Susan also solves an age-old problem: What you give someone who has everything. If you want to give your friend a fun and useful stoner gift but they already have a weed box and a nice dab torch. But they probably don't have a lazy susan rotating tray for all their toking sesh needs. Most accomplished stoners are good at collecting their own supplies, and the best way to really get a joyful response in gift-giving is to share a surprise. 

The Blazy Susan is a new idea with some incredibly useful silicone compartments to make this elegant wooden tray the ultimate in sesh management. For the friend who has everything, the Blazy Susan may become their new stoner centerpiece for warm evenings spent toking together with friends.