Introducing Lighter USA's New Pucker Line

Introducing Lighter USA's New Pucker Line

It's not every day we get to add several new products to our line or have a new line of products, for that matter. That's why at Lighter USA, we are excited and proud to introduce our new Pucker line. The new vaporizers are produced and designed specifically for those who love to vape like you. Maybe you enjoy smoking oil, concentrate, wax, or just dry herb, these vaporizers in the new Pucker line are meant for everyone. Or perhaps you're a new vape user who's still trying out different kinds of vape to determine which one to stick to. Not to worry, you just found the right place to select and try out anything and everything. And it's all here, in our new Pucker line. 

Our collection of vape products in the new Pucker line is taking the vaping community by storm, and it's all for a good reason. The products come in multiple luxurious packages, and for another, they are redesigned with easy-to-use features. Let's dive deeper to find out what makes this new product unique and why it's good for you, plus a description of each product in the Pucker line.

What Makes The Pucker Line The Best Vaporizer Line In 2021? 

The Pucker line contains all your favorite vaporizers in one package. There are oil vape, dry herb vape, wax, flower, and concentrate. This line is ideal for those who love variety since there are multiple options to choose from. If you need a device for either oil, herb, or concentrate, you just found the ideal product. 

A Breakdown Of Products In Lighter USA's New Pucker Line

For a vaporizer that has so much to offer and so many options for any vape user, this is worth your attention. The Luxurious designs, the multiple convenient features, and everything else in between makes this product worth checking out. So, shall we?

Pucker Kiss Vape 24 Piece With Display

The Pucker Kiss 24 Piece has an ultra voltage output of 3.3V-4.8V  with a pre-heat function for ease of use. It also comes with a single button operation which you twist, and you're good to go. With a battery capacity of 900mah and a USB charging adapter,  each of the 24 piece pucker kiss vapes in this product comes with a complimentary USB charger and 24 pieces 900 mAh battery, so you'll be sure to use it for quite some time before the battery runs out. 

Pucker Bubble Vape

The Pucker Bubble Vape is a portable nectar collector with a ceramic tip and double-layered glass bubbler.  The Pucker Bubble enables you to dab quickly and conveniently from a dish or vape tray. It also features a silicone container for this very purpose. To use, add water to allow the bubbler chamber to cool and enjoy the thick clouds of smoke. 

Pucker Wasp Vape

If you need a vape that will give you privacy and discretion, it's the pucker wasp vape. Ideal for wax concentrate, it's less than 4 inches and features a ceramic heating chamber, a one-button operation, and a pyrex glass top. But you won't appreciate these features until you try them out!

Pucker Bite Vape

The Pucker Bite Vape is the first vaporizer to feature a preheat chamber. It comes with a patented heated chamber coil that heats all 510 cartridges to eliminate product wastage. It also comes with interchangeable 0.5 and 1 ml cartridges. Uniquely shaped, the Pucker Bite Vape is soft-textured, portable, and discrete. It's also equipped with four temperature controls to ensure correct vape heat. Its preheat chamber is compatible with 510 cartridges that heat all sides and the bottom of the vape. 

Pucker Blo Vape

The new design and shape of the Pucker Blo dry herb vape are artistically designed with a soft-touch texture to give you a good feel in your hand as you vape. The soft-touch surface also provided a comfortable feel so that you can enjoy the product and the whole vaping experience. The ceramic chamber also features a new and improved design. The product comes with a 1600 mAh battery with a circuit to ensure overcharging protection. Blo features five temperature controls with outstanding performance to ensure the product does not overheat or burn and improve your experience. Both the design and implementation are meant to give you the perfect vaping experience.

Pucker Mother Vape

The Pucker Mother vape features an electric dab rig ideal for wax or flower vaporizers.  It also features a ceramic pot for flower usage and a quartz and titanium pot for wax mode. It contains a durable and removable 2200 mAh battery with a circuit to ensure overcharging protection—automatic heat mode with real-time temperature control. The Mother pucker is designed to automatically identify the heat mode to ensure correct timing and selection of the desired temperature.

Pocket Pucker

Pocket Pucker is small in size and portable with a single button usage and three different temperature controls. It features removable components to ensure  easy cleaning. Although tiny in size, it has tremendous functionality.

The tiny size of the Pocket Pucker allies you carry it anywhere with you and fits into any pocket size. It's also ideal for those who prefer to bake privately and discreetly. With temperature controls of 536F, 608F, and 662F, and auto preheating time of 10 seconds to help you regulate the desired temperature levels without overheating. This 1350 mAh battery capacity vaporizer comes with a complimentary package of a single glass bubbler, a  ceramic heating atomizer, and a single-piece ring.

So there you have it, our new Pucker line of 7 top-quality vaporizers. There is something for everyone. What are you waiting for? Check out it out, along with the rest of the cool products we have to offer.