Does Your Humidor Have an Odor?

Does Your Humidor Have an Odor?

Whether you are new to cigars or would consider yourself to be an aficionado, you may be able to relate to the following quote posted to a social media profile page by a gentleman in search of advice:

"I've been storing some cinnamon-flavored cigars in my humidor and, even one month after I removed them, the humidor still smells of cinnamon, which is affecting my other cigars. How can I get this smell out?"

In this article we will explore this issue and discuss ways to fix the problem. There are a considerable measure of situations where something to that effect may happen. Possibly you have a circumstance like our reader's, and a few stogies you put away with an especially solid smell are beginning to influence alternate stogies. On the other hand possibly you just purchased a shiny new humidor and the cedar smell of the wood is especially solid, and that is affecting the flavor and fragrance of your stogies. Then again maybe you were utilizing your humidor for some other stockpiling application, and whatever you had in there already deserted a smell it.

Whatever the circumstance, there is an answer! Then again a few arrangements, things being what they are.

Give it a chance to freshen up. Some of the time, this is all it takes! Simply leave the humidor open for a couple days and let the scent fade away. This works extremely well with new humidors that have an excessively solid wood smell and can work incredible in different circumstances as well. Setting the humidor outside amid this procedure can work exceptionally well insofar as you don't have to stress over precipitation.

Wipe down within the humidor with isopropyl liquor or denatured liquor. You don't have to utilize a great deal. Sit tight for the case to dry (abandon it open with the goal that it can let some circulation into completely). After around a day, the fragrance will ideally be gone.

Attempt a glass of whisky or cognac. In the event that airing out the humidor doesn't dispose of the scent, this non-customary strategy may work to get out the old odor. The "downside" is that the new scent will wait for quite a while even after you take the glass out once more. The reason I say "downside" is on account of a few people really like the effect this has on their stogies, and intentionally put a couple drops of whisky in their humidors whether they have to dispose of a smell or not. Close the humidor when you attempt this strategy.

It should be obvious, there are various diverse alternatives you can attempt, so there is no compelling reason to abandon your old humidor. Simply make certain to deal with your stogies amid the procedure. Later on, it is astute to store seasoned stogies somewhere else (this part you have likely made sense of all alone!).