Best Lighters for Smoking Cigars

Best Lighters for Smoking Cigars

Choosing the right cigar lighter plays an essential part in your smoking experience. There is no one-size-fits-all. You wouldn’t purchase the first car you see on a lot and expect it to meet all your needs, would you? It’s important to understand that you have many options to consider when choosing your lighter and we want to help you make an informed decision.

Why Any Lighter Just Won’t Do

When choosing your cigar lighter, you’ll want to take a few things into consideration. Will you be smoking cigars with larger ring gauges? Do you plan to smoke outdoors at all? How patient are you when it comes to toasting the foot? Whatever your needs may be, we highly recommend a torch lighter, which you will find is often the preferred choice by many. A torch offers a higher-temperature flame that is more suited for cigar smoking. Selecting butane also gives the added benefit of being odorless, so you won’t find the lingering aroma or taste of gas interfering with your experience. With offerings of a quicker burn and wind-resistant flame, choosing a torch is the way to go.

The Single Flame

The single flame torch offers pinpoint precision due to its single directional flame. This option also makes it a great choice for touch-ups as needed.  Keep in mind, a single flame may take longer to toast, but has the added benefit of using less fuel. A great example is the attractive single jet flame Xikar Forte, with a 7mm fold-out punch, large fuel adjustment wheel, and a body built to last.


The Double Flame

A larger gauge cigar will take a bit longer to light, which is why we recommend investing in a double flame lighter. Utilizing two jets will help cut down toasting time by broadening the lighting area. You may find it a bit harder for precise touch-ups than using a single flame, but with a little practice and angle experimentation, you’re sure to also appreciate the extra wind resistance a twin torch can provide. The Xikar Allume boasts a stylish gunmetal finish, with four additional colors to choose from. The Allume packs performance into its compact body while offering convenient side squeeze action.

The Triple Flame

Choosing a triple flame lighter will provide you with quick lighting time that some smokers prefer. Keep in mind, with the addition of more jets comes to a larger hotspot and a chance of scorching the wrapper if you’re not careful, so it may not be quite as accurate or desirable for your touch-up needs. For those of you who love the added benefit of extra wind resistance and shorter toasting time, the Vertigo Cyclone is affordably priced for such a powerful lighter. The clear fuel tank and large flame adjuster make the Cyclone a favorite amongst cigar smokers.

Whether you’re a novice or looking for the newest addition to your arsenal, we have an array of options to suit your needs. Ready to dive in? Take a look at some of our other best selling cigar lighters now!