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Yocan UNI (Universal Portable Box Mod)

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Yocan UNI (Universal Portable Box Mod)
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About the Yocan UNI Box Mod

Take your vaping experience to the next level with the Yocan UNI Box Mod! This revolutionary box mod offers universal compatibility and cutting-edge technology that makes it perfect for any oil atomizer on the market.

Patented Design: Adjustable Atomizer Height

The Yocan UNI Box Mod will leave a mark with this revolutionary design. You don't have to worry if your atomizer is too tall or too short. This box mod will UNI-versally fit any oil atomizer height on the market.

Patented Design: Adjustable Holder Diameter

The first box mod that will fit all kinds of oil atomizers with different diameters. The Yocan UNI has changed the industry with its patented design and remarkable function by being the most useful box mod ever made to date.

Built-In 10-Second Preheat Function

The UNI box mod comes equipped with a 10-second preheat function that warms your oils before first use. Rapidly press the power button twice to put the device in the preheat mode, which lasts for ten seconds. Press twice again to deactivate the function.

Magnetic 510 Thread Adapter

The atomizer will be inserted and locked by the magnetic 510-threaded adapter which is included in the package. This 510 thread connection will insure compatibility with any 510-threaded atomizer on the market.

Three Voltage Levels

The UNI features an adjustable voltage option with three different power levels to customize your vaping experience. After turning on the device, press the power button three times rapidly to adjust the voltage level.

  • Low: one light on
  • Medium: two lights on
  • High: three lights on

Accessible and Convenient

The back of the device has a oil level window so you won't have to guess when to refill your atomizer. While the side of the UNI features a convenient Micro USB charging port that allows you to keep the box mod upright through charging.

Compact and Discreet

The UNI is small and discreet that fits in the palm of your hand. Super compact and portable that allows you to vape in a simple and discreet way.

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What's in the Box?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install my atomizer to the Yocan UNI box mod?

The Yocan UNI box mod is made to be simple and easy to use, and comes packaged with a free magnetic 510-threaded adapter. All you have to do is to connect your favorite cartridge to the Yocan UNI Magnetic 510 Thread Ring, and slide it in the Yocan UNI until the magnetic connections snap into place. Make sure that the magnetic adapter is free from oils and smudges to ensure a proper electrical connection between the battery and the cartridge.

How do I turn ON and OFF the Yocan UNI?

To turn ON your Yocan UNI box mod, just quickly press the power button five times within two seconds. Light will flash three times. Press three times again to turn OFF the device.

How do I activate the preheat function?

To activate the 10-second preheat mode, simply press the power button twice. The preheat function will run for 10 seconds will all the three lights on. When the preheat cycle is completed, all three lights will flash eight times and then shut off. To stop the preheat, press the power button another two times, and the lights will turn off.

How do I adjust the voltage settings?

The Yocan UNI box mod features three voltage levels: Low, Medium and High. To change the voltage settings, press the power button three times, continue this to get to your desired voltage settings.

Voltage level indicators:

  • Low: one light is on
  • Medium: two lights are on
  • High: all three lights are on

How do I adjust the height of the atomizer?

The Yocan UNI box mod can fit any oil atomizer with lengths over 42mm or 1.65in. To adjust the height of the atomizer, simply push the height button up or down.

How do I adjust the cartridge holder?

The Yocan UNI box mod is compatible with any oil atomizer with a diameter of 6-12mm or 0.24-0.47in. To adjust the atomizer holder diameter, simply rotate the diameter adjustment dial to adjust the inner diameter of the Yocan UNI to fit the atomizer. Make sure that your atomizer is locked into position.

How long do I have to charge my Yocan UNI box mod?

The Yocan UNI box mod features a Micro USB charging port, and includes a Micro USB charging cable. The integrated 650mAh battery will require around one hour to be fully charged. The battery indicator will glow when the device is charging, and when fully charged, the indicator will flash eight times and then shuts off.

What do these flashing lights mean?

The Yocan UNI box mod is equipped with built-in protections and the flashing lights indicate various states of the device.

  • Safety cutoff: If the power button is pressed continuously for more than 15 seconds, all three lights will flash eight times before powering off. Release the power button and then press it again to continue vaping.
  • No atomizer: All three lights will flash five times.
  • Short-circuit: All three lights will flash three times.
  • Low battery: All three lights will flash 10 times and stops working.

Safety Tips

  • Do not overcharge. Keeping the charging cable when the battery is already full will shorten the battery life.
  • Do not charge your battery through a car as this can also lead to damage.
  • Avoid using the device while charging.
  • If the device gets too hot while using, please stop using it for a while.

Tech Specs

  • Adjustable height

    Yes; fits any atomizer >42mm (>1.65in)

  • Adjustable diameter

    Yes; fits any atomizer 6-12mm (0.24-0.47in)

  • Atomizer compatibility

    • Resistance: >0.5ohm
    • Length: >42mm (>1.65in)
    • Diameter: 6mm-12mm (0.24in-0.47in)
  • Atomizer adapter

  • Battery capacity

    Integrated 650mAh lithium-ion

  • Charging port

    Micro USB port

  • Voltage settings

    3 voltage levels (3.4V/3.8V/4.2V)

  • Preheat function

    10-second preheat function at 1.8V

  • Hanging hole


  • Juice level window


  • Materials

    ABS, Zinc Alloy, Copper

  • Dimensions

    • 25.3mm (W) x 75.3mm (H) x 33.9mm (L)
    • 1.0in (W) x 2.96in (H) x 1.33mm (L)
  • Display


  • Buttons

    Power button

  • Package content

    • 1x UNI box mod
    • 1x Micro USB cable
    • 1x Magnetic 510-threaded ring
    • 1x User manual
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