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Exxus Tap VV Cartridge Vaporizer

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Exxus Tap VV Cartridge Vaporizer
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Product Description

The Exxus Tap VV 280mAh 510 Touch Activated Battery, crafted by Exxus Vape, boasts a sleek, pen-style design. With its 510 thread attachment port, this battery effortlessly pairs with a wide range of devices available in the market, as the 510 threading is quite common. The Exxus Tap is all about simplicity and user-friendliness.

This device comes equipped with a pre-installed, rechargeable lithium-ion battery that delivers a robust 280mAh of power. What sets it apart is its rapid temperature reach, typically within ten seconds of activating the button. Regardless of the material you're vaporizing with the Exxus Tap, it consistently and swiftly attains the ideal vaporization temperature, ensuring a perfect draw every time.

Attaching Cartridges to Your Exxus Tap VV:

The Exxus Tap VV is designed for use with essential oil cartridges, and the company offers the Exxus Snap VV Glass Cartridge with Ceramic Coil for this purpose. This tank seamlessly complements the Exxus Tap, ensuring ease of use and generating substantial vapor. Equipped with fully integrated ceramic coils and a stainless steel core, this cartridge efficiently heats products, delivering a smooth and ideal vaporization experience. When these two components come together, they produce flavorful draws and voluminous clouds upon exhalation.




Choosing the Right Cartridges:

It's important to select a cartridge with an airflow hole that matches the unit, as without this correspondence, the unit will not function properly.

Operating Your Tap VV:

To draw from the Exxus Tap VV, simply inhale. This device is designed for easy use, and drawing in while inhaling activates it.

Operating Your Exxus Tap VV:

The Exxus Tap VV may be small, but it comes with a robust set of features, all neatly contained within. To initiate the battery and reach its maximum power level within ten seconds, a single tap on the power sensor at the bottom is all it takes. This power sensor is also the key to adjusting voltage, initiating preheating, and stopping the device's functions.

  • One tap stops the device.
  • Two taps initiate the preheating process.
  • Three taps adjust the voltage output.

A side light display indicates the current voltage of the device:

  • Blue represents 3.3V
  • Green signifies 3.7V
  • Yellow indicates 3.9V
  • Red means 4.2V

With this clear visual display, users will always know at what voltage level the Exxus Tap VV is operating. Additionally, the package includes a reference manual for users who may want to revisit and refresh their knowledge of the device's functions.


Votage Settings: 


To initiate the preheat mode on the Exxus Tap VV, simply tap the device's power sensor twice. This feature allows for a quick and convenient preheating process, ensuring that you're ready for your vaping session with minimal delay.

Charging the Tap VV

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