King Palm

King Palm also offers a variety of sizes to suit your smoking preferences. Whether you prefer a smaller, personal smoke or a larger, shared session, King Palm has the perfect size for you. Each leaf wrap is carefully selected and hand-rolled, ensuring consistent quality and an optimal smoking experience.



What is King Palm?

King Palm is committed to sustainability and quality. Their pre-rolled leaf wraps are made from 100% natural palm leaves, sourced responsibly and free from additives and chemicals. These leaf wraps offer a smooth and slow-burning alternative to traditional rolling papers, allowing you to savor the full flavors of your herbs.

One of the key features of King Palm leaf wraps is their convenience. They come pre-rolled with a natural corn husk filter, eliminating the need for rolling and packing your herbs. Simply fill the wrap, pack it down, and enjoy a well-constructed and flavorful smoke. King Palm leaf wraps make smoking an effortless and enjoyable experience.