Boveda is the world's most advanced humidity control solution. It is a patented two-way humidity control system that uses a unique blend of water and salt to maintain a precise level of humidity in any environment.



What is Boveda?

All humidification devices for humidors and cigar boxes do one of two things: they either add or they subtract moisture. All humidification devices, that is, except Boveda - the only humidification product that does both. Boveda’s patented and unique 2-way humidification system requires no activation and no maintenance, it simply adds or subtracts moisture while monitoring and regulating the relative humidity to the specific percentage number indicated on the package. Available in a variety of different sizes and relative humidity levels from 84% (for initial seasoning), to 75%, 72%, 69%, and 65%, Boveda is the effortless and entirely foolproof way to ensure that your cigars are constantly preserved as perfectly, and to taste as genuinely, as their makers intended. One 60 gram pack for every 25 cigars is all that’s required. And their products aren't just for cigars. Their 62% relative humidity pack is designed specifically for herbal products, and ensures that both strength and flavor greatly enhanced, and that storage life is hugely extended.

So let Boveda and Lighter USA look after your cigars and your herbs.