Treat Your Butane Lighter Right

Treat Your Butane Lighter Right
If you're one who enjoys the occasional cigar such as me, then you've a collection of lighters just lying around, most of which have failed you at a certain point. It is, however, vital to note that when it comes to handling butane lighters, it can be quite tricky at times. Most common problems encountered with lighters range from inconsistent lighting to small flames. Nonetheless, all these issues can be easily sorted out once you've mastered the right practices that'll ensure your butane lighter gives you the right service that you deeply desire.

Proper handling of your butane lighter might just solve all those issues that make dissatisfied with your lighter. Below are helpful tips on how and why it's vital to handle your butane lighter appropriately.

Butane Lighter Tip #1: Buy Good Butane
This is the most essential of all other tips that will make a huge difference with how your lighter works. Buying butane at bargain prices doesn't quite compare to finding the best quality butane in the market. With the best butane, you can be assured that the butane will burn clean and your jets will be in the best working order. To make sure you're buying the right butane, you should verify whether it's triple refined or above, so as to get the best results with your butane lighter.

Butane Lighter Tip #2: Before Refilling, Bleed the Chamber
Ensure that you have purged out all the excess butane and air from your lighter before refilling it once more. You can do this by pushing in the valve using a small screwdriver then simply turn the lighter with the refill valve pointing towards the ground. This'll ensure that all the excess butane will come out and no air bubble will remain in the fuel chamber.

Butane Lighter Tip #3: DO NOT Push The Flame Too Close to the Cigar
Just before you light up your cigar, make sure that the jets are not too close to the ash. When the Jets are right at the foot of the cigar this risks the ashes pouring onto the jets which eventually clogs them up, and, of course, there is also the risk of burning yourself. Most flames out butane lighters are close to two inches long and right at the tip is where the flame burns hottest. Having this in mind, there's simply no reason to jam the flame into the foot of your cigar.

Final Tip: Clean the Jets
You can do this by simply blowing into the jets to expel the ash or any other unwanted debris. Also, one can buy a can of compressed air with which you can insert the extension nozzle into the jet chamber and give it a good blast of air.

With all this in mind, you can be assured that your butane lighter will give you the best possible service, without any unwanted glitches. Keep in mind it's not why you use that matters, but how you use it.