Top 6 Dry Vaporizers to Make Your Summer Even Hotter

Top 6 Dry Vaporizers to Make Your Summer Even Hotter

After so long, summer is finally right around the corner. As the weather heats up and the world opens back up, what's a better way to welcome in the season than getting stoned? Yeah, we could beat around the bush on this, but we know what you're here for. That's why we've put together a list of our top six dry vaporizers to make your summer even hotter. Great for beginners or the more experienced, you can't hardly go wrong with a dry herb vape, especially one we're highlighting today. Let's not waste any time and jump right in.

1. Yocan Vane

The Yocan brand is a leader in the smoking stuff industry and inventor of some of our top selling vaporizers for a reason, and the Vane is a good example for why that is. While most Yocan products are liquid-based, the Vane is made for herbage of all kinds. In only 30 seconds, it can get you where you need to go with precision temperature control and ergonomic design. It also has some of those great quality of life features like a clear OLED display and automatic shut off in case you get a bit forgetful. Available in five different colors, it's a great place to start if you've never used a vape before with plenty to reliably offer veterans at the same time. It's pretty affordable, too.

2. Pulsar APX 2

Pulsar's APX 2 is both an improvement over its original APX and a fantastic dry vape all on its own. Some of its best new features are its silicon cooling system that prevents overheating, even when the precision heating control and the over-400 degree heats it can achieve. Its LED display is also much clearer, and the mouthpiece fits more naturally against the lips compared to the previous model. There's also the quick 30-second heating time and the haptic feedback that tells you as soon as you're ready to roll. On top of that, the APX 2 is available in a whopping 14 styles, including some bolder options like skulls, wood grain, and psychedelic rainbow.

3. Ooze Drought

The Ooze Drought is a super popular dry herb vape with a ton of things to offer smokers. For starters, the Drought is a super compact device that's barely four inches long, making it great for hiding or just saving some space in your pocket. Beyond that, though, there's also plenty of actual features that make this vape something to want. The Drought can get up to temperature in under 30 seconds, making it one of the fastest vapes on the market. Like many, it offers precise temperature control but with the added bonus of being able to display in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. The Drought also comes with an auto shutoff safety feature that turns the vape off after five minutes of use. This also lets you save on battery life, though with a full two hours of use available on a single charge, it's not likely to be a concern.

4. Flowermate V5.0S Pro

There's a lot to love about the Flowermate V5.0S Pro. One of this vape's best features is how versatile it is, able to adapt to both the traditional dry herb as well as wax pods. This is achieved in part thanks to the even ceramic heating system in the vape, plus the much wider degree of temperature control compared to most other devices (ranging from 104 degrees all the way up 446 degrees). These fancy features don't come at the expense of a fun user experience, though, as there's just three buttons on the side of the vape and a digital screen to help you regulate your heat. No fumbling around while you're in no state to be fumbling when you've got this vape by your side.

5. Arizer Solo 2

The Arizer Solo 2 is a really handy vape to have if you're typically a bong smoker, as the Solo 2 can actually connect to glass bongs for quick and easy heating of herbs. This is far from a one trick pony, though, as the Solo 2 has plenty of use even beyond this cool connectivity option. A marked improvement over the original Solo, the Solo 2 heats up over three times faster with better temperature control to match. The bright LED screen will ensure you always know exactly how hot you're burning, and the glass mouthpiece won't leave any kind of tainted taste as you inhale. Plus, when you're buying with us, we even throw in a free Hush Crush grinder with your purchase, not to mention free overnight shipping.

6. G Pen Dash

The G Pen Dash is a stylishly designed vape with some interesting features that help it stand out. What really sets the Dash apart is its chamber and how it affects the herb you place in it. Constructed from enamel-glazed stainless steel, it's able to heat quickly and retain that heat for much longer than most other vapes on the market. This also makes it super easy to clean, not to mention clean-tasting given the integrated steel and glass mouthpiece that prevents any kind of tainted taste from burned plastics or other materials. While it lacks versatility in heating (it only heats to preset temps of 375 degrees, 401 degrees, and 428 degrees), this evens out given how much less time and power you'll be wasting starting things back up over and over. The Dash also provides easy indication for when it's ready, vibrating and lighting a trio of LEDs to indicate temperature, readiness, and battery life.

Vaping has well and truly changed the way people get their fix, be it with tobacco or something more green. As things heat up this summer, try out one of these six fine dry herb vapes to help keep the party going well into the night (or at least throughout a lazy afternoon). Visit us here at Lighter USA for all of your premium vaping gear and smoking accessories.