The Pulsar Shift Review- Shifting into 4th Gear

The Pulsar Shift Review- Shifting into 4th Gear

Pulsar has always been an industry-leading brand with high quality, most wanted products for a long time now. Pulsar products are nothing short of incredible, with many topping the list of the best products in the market. They are stylish and durable. The new Pulsar Shift lives up to its expectations with a rise in popularity that's remarkable. Here is a complete review of the Pulsar Shift dry herb vaporizer.

What's the Pulsar Shift 

This device is a simple palm-sized dry herb vaporizer that you can also use with concentrates. It makes it all the easier to shift from concentrates to herbs (and vice versa) with a quartz tank insert and a coil.

The Shift vape measures a mere 3.2 in. You can easily fit it in your pocket and take it with you anywhere. It's compact and easy to hold discreetly. Because of its size, it affords you smooth draws with the most precise temperature control.  Furthermore, it's easy to use with its user manual. The manual holds relevant information on how to use and clean the device.

Like all its predecessors, it comes with all the cool features and accessories that are unique to Pulsar products. All the accessories are Pulsar products and you can therefore get replacements readily. Some of the accessories you can get include the Pulsar Shift quartz cup and the Pulsar Shift mouthpiece replacement. 

Why the Pulsar Shift is a favorite device for many

Pulsar Shift has gained popularity as one of the best vaporizers for various reasons. Here are some of the most common ones:

Easy to use

Most people like a device that's simple and ready to use. If you're not too tech-savvy, then this vape may be for you. Apart from coming with a user manual, this device has straightforward buttons and uses the standard five-click method to power on and off. There are buttons for increasing the temperature or decreasing it with the addition and minus signs. 

More conveniently, every time you set a specific temperature for the vape, it will be remembered when next you power on the device. The last temperature used is the one your vape will use the next time you need to take a hit.

Plus, you can easily switch between herbs and concentrates. If you are switching to concentrates, you can start by loading the quartz tank before inserting it into the Pulsar Shift. You can then reattach the mouthpiece and set your desired temperature. You can switch to herbs with ease as well. 

Additionally, the OLED screen comes in handy in showing you all you need to know. It shows the battery level, temperature setting, and the shut off timer.

Good battery time

One of the most important features to look out for before settling for a vape is battery time. The Pulsar Shift doesn't disappoint with a good battery time that lasts for various sessions. It features a long-lasting battery of 1600mAh. 

Additionally, the package comes with a micro USB fast charging cord that allows you to fully charge your vape in a record time of two hours. This affords you both a good time and an unrivaled convenience.

A large heating chamber

Pulsar shift allows you to fit an impressive amount of dry herbs in the heating chamber for every session in its true convection stainless steel heating chamber. That allows you to take a good number of hits without running out of herbs or having to reload the heating chamber.

While filling the chamber, it's recommended to fill the chamber at least halfway. For better results, ensure your dry herbs are medium ground or medium-fine ground. You can stir the herbs before you start your second session or in between long sessions. This affords you maximum heat distribution and adequate airflow for the complete vaporization of your material. The result is a great experience with your convection vaporizer.

Use dry herbs or concentrates

Unlike most other convection vaporizers, the Shift allows you to use it with either concentrates or herbs. The quartz tank works efficiently in vaporizing your concentrates. It's also easy to load and use. 

For a more effective experience, you can try loading just enough concentrate to last your session, but not too much to avoid remains. That way, you can prevent residue buildup in the tank. The Pulsar Shift quartz tank will also ensure that your hits retain their original flavor and taste with great airflow and adequate heat distribution.

Easy to clean

Cleaning the Pulsar Shift is quite easy since you get almost all you need in the package. That includes a cleaning brush, tweezers, and a dabber tool. Moreover, if your quartz tank gets a residue buildup, you can start by soaking it in isopropyl alcohol for at least half an hour before using the cleaning brush.

Quick heat up time

The Pulsar Shift heats up super fast, unlike most of its competitors. It only takes 25 seconds to heat it up. Plus, you can readily adjust the temperature to fit your needs using the buttons. The temperature control ranges from 320 degrees Fahrenheit to 430 degrees Fahrenheit.


People often equate quality with price. The more expensive a device, the better the quality. The Pulsar Shift vape proves otherwise by being cost-effective while maintaining high-quality standards. It costs less than 100 dollars. 

Excellent design

The Shift vape has a cool design that makes it appear stylish and classy. From the countdown to the display and the adjustability, this device tops the list of ten coolest vapes on the market. The red and green placements also add to its cool appearance.

Comes with warranty

Pulsar has trust in the durability of its products as customers can also attest to it. That's why it's also impressive that the Pulsar Shift Vapes come with a full-year warranty. You can contact the manufacturers for any issues with your device and either get a new one or whatever Pulsar may have in mind. 

Final thoughts

Pulsar Shift is an innovative addition to Pulsar products that sets the bar for pocketable multi-use vaporizers. With its features, you can be sure of a cool, smooth draw with every session and a satisfying experience ahead.