The Lighter Types You Need for Every Occasion

The Lighter Types You Need for Every Occasion

While many people associate lighters with a Zippo or Bic lighter, there are actually specific lighter types that are made to fit each of your lighter needs. Below we explain the various lighter types we carry in our store and when to use them.

For Lighting a Cigar - Single Flame Lighters

Single flame, or torch lighters as they’re commonly called, have a hot, single flame that rises from the top of the lighter. According to the Gentleman’s Gazette, you can tell an adult from a child based on the lighter they use to toast their cigar. Why do you want to use a single flame lighter for a cigar? Any other lighter types besides a Butane single flame lighter unevenly toasts the cigar and can leave a chemical residue that gets transferred over to the tobacco.

Here are some of our favorite single flame lighters so the next time you go to smoke a cigar, you aren’t embarrassed by your gas station lighter.

This cigar lighter comes in a sleek metal casing and gives you the perfect burn to toast your cigars correctly.

For Lighting a Pipe - Pipe Lighters

A pipe lighter has a soft flame that is angled to easily light a pipe without burning the rim of the pipe or your fingers. These lighter types come with either butane or liquid fuel. Butane lighters, although popular, offer no wind-resistance so they can be a difficult choice to use outdoors. Liquid fuel lighters, most commonly known as a Zippo, is the perfect lighter to use if you’re lighting up your pipe on a windy day.

Here are some of our favorite pipe lighters, both butane and liquid fuel based.

This Zippo lighter takes the traditional shape of your favorite Zippo while adapting it to the pipe smoker’s dream. The flame is encased in metal allowing it to be drawn directly over the pipe without bending over the sides and burning the rim.

For Lighting a Cigarette - Traditional Flame

Similar to lighting a pipe, when lighting a cigarette you’ll want to use lighter types that have a soft flame. Unlike pipe smoking, you won’t want an angled flame, so a traditional soft flame will work perfectly for lighting a cigarette. Our most popular traditional flame lighters are from Zippo so we’ll share our favorite Zippo designs with you.

This is the traditional Zippo lighter you’ve seen your father carry since you were a child. The chrome finish is the perfect, no-frills lighter for everyday use.

This Zippo lighter is nothing like the one your dad carries. The chrome finish and design are unique, making you proud to pull this lighter out of your pocket.

As a Gift - Tabletop Lighters

Of all the lighter types, this is the one you’re least likely to see today. Traditionally, these lighters were used in public establishments like restaurants, bars, and even hotels. These lighters were meant to be used for people to light their cigars or cigarettes at their convenience. At first, tabletop lighters were simply made of various metals, but during the 1920s and 1930s, they started incorporating ornate wood, porcelain, and marble. The most extravagant tabletop lighters were created to look like various animals or cars. During World War II, tabletop lighters were even designed to resemble miniature bombs and tanks.

Today, tabletop lighters are not anywhere near as extravagant as they used to be, but they do still make a wonderful gift for the person that likes to light a cigar in their study.  

For Lighting a Candle - Candle Lighter

Everyone has struggled at least once in their life trying to light a candle but burning themselves instead. You then resort to turning the candle upside down in the hopes that the wick will catch quickly and stay lit before you set it back on the table. This is where a candle lighter comes in. Unlike a traditional lighter, a candle lighter has a long neck that allows you to light candles, or even grills, without the risk of being burnt. It’s always useful to have one of these lighters around the house because you never know when you might need it.

Here are our favorite candle lighters.

This refillable butane lighter by Zippo is perfect for lighting anything in a hard to reach place. Not only does it have a neck stem to avoid burns, but the neck is also made of chrome flex so you can bend it to reach anywhere.

  • Zippo Utility Flex Neck Black Lighter

Like the Zippo Flex Neck Chrome Lighter, this light also has a neck that can be bent to light your grill, candle, or kindling. The matte black finish on this lighter makes it nice enough to leave out, even if you have guests over.

No matter what type of lighter you’re looking for, you’re sure to find something you love in our store. If you’re interested in learning more about lighters and how they’ve evolved over the years, you can read a brief history of the lighter here.