Shop Early, Smoke Up, and Bring the Christmas Cheer at Lighter USA

Shop Early, Smoke Up, and Bring the Christmas Cheer at Lighter USA

Even in 2020, Christmas is still coming. That means shopping, shopping, and more shopping. While a little retail therapy can be good for the soul, you're probably not too keen on jumping into large crowds right now.

That's why we have the internet. It's not exactly a secret that you can get your hands on just about anything shopping online, usually for a better price than in-store. So why even bother with the lines, crowds, and fighting over the best deals this year when you could just take care of your list from behind the screen with enough time left over to check it twice?

Exactly. And this goes for anything you might be in the market for this holiday season, including smoking paraphernalia. There are plenty of great websites out there catered specifically to those with a fine taste for fine vapes, the king among them being Lighter USA.

Lighter USA has all the variety you could hope for when it comes to shopping for vaping gear online. We pride ourselves on having better variety than just about any in-person vape shop you might find out in the wild. Our products run the gamut through some of the most popular brands like Yocan, Juul, Pax, and many more. No matter how you like to smoke or what you like to use, we've got just the thing for you.

You need a vaporizer? Wax, oil, or herb, we've got you. How about some e-cigs? We've got pods and box mods, plus replacement batteries and starter kits (great gift idea right there). E-liquids? Only hundreds of flavors, so browse to your heart's content. There's even disposable vape supplies for someone who might not be too sure about vaping but is interested in trying it out.

But what if you're not that into vaping? Are you or another person you're buying for just left out in the cold this Christmas? Not likely, since we've got plenty of stocking stuffers geared towards more traditional smokers, too.

Maybe a new lighter would be nice. Good thing we've got a huge selection of authentic Zippos to choose from, including some exclusive designs for our store. We've got other lighter brands, too, plus multi-flames, soft flames, electric lighters, table-sized lighters, and even utility lighters if you're in need of something more specialized. Don't forget a nice ashtray to go along with all of this while you're here.

But what if you've also got a stern father figure with mutton chops and a real smoking room in his house to think about? He won't be satisfied with anything but an authentic cigar. Well, you're in luck, since we've got plenty of accessories and potential gifts for cigar smokers at our shop. Maybe a new cutter or an attractive carrying case would earn you that approving nod in between sips of bourbon. Worth a shot, right?

All of that's real great, but you might be wondering why we're so great as a shop, especially when it comes to Christmas shopping. Well, beyond the huge selection of products we just got done telling you about, we've also cornered the market on having some of the best prices you can possibly find for things related to smoking.

For starters, we have premade gift sets that can save you plenty of cash by buying bundled items. These aren't the same as our starter sets, though, since these contain great accessory items experienced smokers can really appreciate. Get all your shopping out of the way at once with deals on cigar cutters and cases and ashtrays and lighters and more all sold together at prices lower than what you'd spend buying each of them individually (duh, that's how bundles work). If you're less sure of what someone might want, though, there's always the tried and true gift card option.

Then there's our year-round clearance section. "But clearance is just a bunch of junk that didn't sell before," you might be saying, being wrong as usual. Our clearance section isn't just a place to dump old things but a section where you can get some of our previous top sellers at a huge price reduction. Lots of items on sale here have been some of our most popular over the years, only now you can get them at a discount of $10 or more off the base price. That's a pretty good deal if you ask us.

We also offer wholesale buying if you're planning to stock up on something, plus a rewards program for loyal customers. Every dollar you spend with us gets you a point, plus 20 just for making an account and 400 for each friend you refer. You can cash out these points for voucher codes for $3, $8, and $18, essentially meaning you get free gift cards just for shopping at Lighter USA. Combine that with our 100% free shipping on all products within the United States and you'll be saving tons compared to the other guys.

That's got to be all, right? Wrong once again. In addition to these great ways to save at any time, we've also got huge sales every year for different holidays. This definitely includes both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you thought our normal deals were great, just wait until you see how low our prices can go. While an entire Christmas of just vape gifts isn't what most people have in mind for the holiday, you could definitely do it without breaking the bank when you're shopping with us.

As much fun as it is to sit here and gush about our store, you've probably got some things to take care of. With Christmas fast approaching, though, keep Lighter USA in your thoughts when it comes time to buy your loved ones and yourself something nice this season. Free shipping, free returns on unopened products, and tons of deals all add up to a great time for anyone who can appreciate some premium vape gear and tons of holiday cheer.