Online Shopping Vs. In store Shopping

Online Shopping Vs. In store Shopping

Online shopping is pretty much the new normal now, especially in a restrictive time of COVID-19. Statistics show online shopping reaching a new peak this holiday season, making in-person shopping a rare possibility.

Not that in-person shopping will go away completely, and likely make a comeback when COVID-19 is less of a threat. For you vaping enthusiasts out there, you're perhaps on the fence about whether to get your products online or in a physical store.

The choice is yours, but let's see the differences in how it works through stores like us at Lighter USA. You might find more advantages going through our online store this holiday season.

The Advantages to Shopping Online for Vaping Items

Let's be clear that not all online shopping experiences are always worthwhile. Much hinges on price and buying vaping products directly through the manufacturer.

For many vaping products, the website of the manufacturer is available to buy directly. What usually makes this problematic is they charge full retail price, not including adding shipping & handling. By the time the final sale is done, you've paid more than you ever intended for something as simple as a vaping pen.

On places like Quora, people often ask what the best shopping choice is for first-time vapers. Most experts recommend if you're a novice to vaping equipment, visiting a local store is sometimes better so you can talk first to in-person staff.

Still, with so much educational information available online, it's possible to learn about what you need before buying online. Most important is the convenience of shopping online, especially when voice shopping now means contactless shopping experiences.

What Kind of Discounts Can You Find Online?

Another pro to shopping online is the ability to find amazing discounts on vaping products. Finding those discounts is sometimes relegated to a select few. As mentioned, buying directly through the manufacturer almost always means paying full price and more.

Through a source like Lighter USA, you'll find deals half-off the usual price you see in physical or other online vaping stores. As a result, you can obtain the leading vaping brands on the market at a cost you can't find anywhere else.

You can even enjoy free shipping and free returns all year long. Few other online vaping shops allow such things, if maybe only around the holidays.

In the time of COVID-19, we also take all shipping precautions to ensure your vaping products are safe. A few other convenient aspects exist to give you a good sense of how great online shopping with us is.

Other Ways to Save Time and Money

When you order through us before 4:00 p.m. EST the same day, you can expect super fast shipping speeds Monday through Friday. Fast shipping at this rate is now a standard with many online shops, making it almost as good as shopping in a physical store.

The longest you ever have to wait to get your vaping products nowadays is two days, and most customers get theirs within 24 hours or less. Adding our rewards program to this adds to the savings all the way around.

Saving hundreds of dollars per year on your recurring vaping products is not out of the question. Most of our customers continue to save money thanks to these above procedures, making physical store shopping nearly moot.

Then again, let's look at some more pros to the in-store experience. What can you experience going this way if you decide to visit a vaping store physically?

Are More People Going to Vaping Stores Anyway?

As Forbes noted earlier this year, the vaping industry is predicted to go through a major boom during and in post-COVID time. One big reason is stressful times means more people checking out vape shops.

Since many are in local areas, more people are likely to visit them to talk to someone face to face. This is one major advantage to vaping shops: nurturing relationships with business owners to use as information sources about types of products to try.

Plus, shopping in local stores does give back to the community and local economy. If you do visit a local vaping shop, you'll find out how friendly the staff are and how knowledgeable.

These truly are valuable ways to shop, despite online experiences mimicking them in more personalized ways.

Can the Online Experience Bring Personalized Communication?

Many online vaping shops are straightforward on sales and don't always make it easy to do returns or communicate with their customers. We've worked hard at Lighter USA to make communication as easy as possible.

On our site, we've made it simple to jot us an email if you need some guidance on what kind of vaping products you need. Our team are experts and can guide you toward what you should try first if a newbie.

Further, we have an internal "Contact Us" portal we read every day to get back to us. In the chance you need to return a product, we make this hassle-free so you don't have to worry about losing money.

Far too many vaping shops make sales final and make returns more complicated if non-existent. As such, we're making the online experience closer to one you'd see in a local shop.

Should You Try a Physical Shop First Before Turning Online?

The decision is entirely yours based on the pros and cons mentioned above. Our online experience is second to none, so we can definitely find what you need if deciding vaping is the right way to help you live a better life.

As the holidays approach, you'll also be able to enjoy amazing bargains on our site you won't find in any local shop. Regardless, we do encourage exploring and helping your local business community as much as you can.

We're here for you when you realize vaping isn't always cheap and you need to find discounts to help your budget.

Visit us at Lighter USA to see how comprehensive our inventory is. We go beyond vaporizers and offer everything from e-cigs to lighters.