New Trends in Vaping

New Trends in Vaping

Maybe you’re new to vaping, or maybe you’ve been on the e-cig train since day one. Regardless, with new vaporizers and various products being released all the time, there’s always something new to learn about. That’s why we’re here — to give you the lowdown on the new trends in vaping that you need to know about. Let’s check them out!

New Products and Features

One thing that has been impressive is the integration of technology into vaping products on the market today. From controlling the exact temperature of your e-cig from an app on your phone to creating vaporizers that are more customizable than ever, manufacturers are working to meet the demands of shoppers. Vaping fans can expect to see more high-end, customizable vaporizers coming on the market with features such as increased durability, versatility, and portability. In addition, expect to see an improvement of more basic features, such as better air flow, heating elements, and increased capacity.


There are always going to be vaporizers available at each price point. But with high-end features becoming more common, expect some of the fancier vaporizers to be more affordable for those looking to indulge in e-cig devices that may have been a bit too pricy last year.


If you can match your shoes to your belt, you should be able to match your vaporizers to your favorite bag, the color of your car, or even your favorite sports team. Users have spoken, and manufacturers are listening. Vaporizers are now offered in brighter colors, as well as with various skins and cases that users can add to personalize their products.

Battery Life

As the technology of vaporizers and e-cig devices increases, users can expect to see an increase in basic functionality as well. That includes kits that fit with a variety of different batteries, longer battery life, and shorter charging time. Though it can feel as though an increase in features has previously meant a decrease in battery length, manufacturers are consistently finding new and improved ways to make their vaping products last longer, making them more efficient for users.


Another trend that users can expect to see is an increase in the flexibility in e-cig devices. When using a vaporizer, users want their products to fit their specific needs, and manufacturers have recognized that, especially when it comes to the variety of tastes and flavors available for each unique device. Where most products were originally made to only be compatible with their brand of pod, many manufacturers are realizing that by creating a versatile offering, they’re increasing the likelihood that a user will remain loyal to their brand rather than being forced to choose based on which style of pod they prefer.

Where There’s Smoke…

A new trend in the vaping world is the ability to produce larger clouds. This has to do with the amount of vegetable glycerin added to e-juice products. Juices with higher levels of vegetable glycerin not only have a sweeter, thicker consistency, but they are also easier on the throat and produce more vapor. For those who like to keep their vaping use discreet, these probably aren’t the best products for you. But if you’re an e-cig user who enjoys being able to make a statement with their vaping, then you’ll be excited to check out some of these newer juices.

Nicotine Levels

With traditional cigarettes, users are given very few options in terms of flavor or strength. With vaporizers and e-cig devices, however, smokers looking to change things up a bit have hundreds of options to choose from. One of the biggest differences between an e-cig and a traditional cigarette is actually what has many smokers turning to vaping: the ability to control the amount of nicotine they’re consuming. For some, fighting an addiction to nicotine can feel overwhelming. With vaping, users can gradually reduce the amount of nicotine they’re consuming, allowing them to slowly wean themselves off of traditional cigarettes while still enjoying the nuances that come with smoking. As more smokers turn to vaporizers as an alternative to smoking, expect to see an increase in the availability and variety of vaping flavors, both with full concentrations of nicotine, reduced levels of nicotine, and even options for nicotine-free e-juices.

Another trend we’re expecting to see a lot of is a rise in nicotine salt use. Although the original substance is the same, nicotine salts are created through extraction, rather than the traditional process of utilizing ammonia to separate the nicotine from the salts contained in tobacco leaves. One of the perks of nicotine salts is that they don’t use chemicals or additives in the extraction process. Another noted benefit that users have reported is that nicotine salts offer a smoother vaping process as well as the ability to inhale more nicotine with less vapor.


There will always be large, showy vaporizers on the market — and that’s because some users want that all-out party experience. But in contrast to the people who want to produce huge clouds when they vape, users have also shown a great appreciation for vaping discreetly. While some people find the meticulous steps of some vaporizers therapeutic, others want their e-cig devices to be plain and simple. It’s where the popularity of devices like the JUUL have really created their own niche market, targeting those who don’t need all the bells and whistles to enjoy their vaping experience. We expect to see both ends of the spectrum expand in the next few months and years, catering to those who want a ton of customized features as well as those who could care less about controlling their e-cig from an app.

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