Need a Universally Useful Tool? Get a Lighter

Need a Universally Useful Tool? Get a Lighter

 We all know what lighters are, but did you know there are lots of ways to use one beyond just lighting things? A lighter is a universal tool that can help someone with anything from opening beer bottles to creating jewelry. Below we are sharing our favorite creative ways to use lighters, which differ from their intended purpose. 

Bottle opener

Imagine this: you’re sitting around a bonfire with your friends about to open some beers and bottles of soda when everyone realizes they never brought a bottle opener. But have the lighter you used to start the fire, so you don’t actually need a bottle opener!

Yep, it’s true — you can use lighters as a bottle opener because the base of a lighter can be wedged under the cap for traction in order to pop it off, giving you quick access to a nice cold one. Not only will you have saved the day by giving your friends access to their cold drinks, but everyone will also be very impressed that you know how to utilize a lighter beyond its intended purpose!

Not working for you? Check out this YouTube video from Howcast to see a step-by-step tutorial. 

A secret storage container

Need somewhere to discreetly hide cash? You’re in luck! Lighters can be opened and made into secret storage boxes. It may look like you're carrying a regular lighter around, but if you pull up, the top of the lighter can pop out, revealing a little storage space inside for cash, medications, and anything else you might want to carry.

According to, turning a lighter into a storage container can be done with a few tools and in a few easy steps:

  1. Cut a small area off the bottom of the lighter
  2. Disassemble to lighter parts
  3. Stretch and expand the free space
  4. Fit a new cap for the area that was cut off
  5. Insert the white cap and you’re ready to use




If you have a few old lighters sitting around that you not using anymore, you can create beautiful art with them! String them around light bulbs to cast a different color glow to your space. Or create a stunning piece of art by gluing them to a canvas and painting a scene around the best lighter.

The possibilities are endless, but if you’re seeking some creative inspiration, check out these art projects on Pinterest: Lighter Chandelier, ‘Lighter Graveyard’ painting, and this spray paint lighter canvas.



“Are you wearing earrings out of old lighters?”

 “Why yes, I am!”

Really. This is perfect for the creative trendsetter in your life. Beautiful vintage lighters could transform into earrings, necklaces, or rings. Whether a lighter doesn't work anymore or isn't being used, this can be one way to keep a vintage or beloved belonging in the family without having it turn into a useless ornament gathering dust on a side table. Pinterest has lots of great inspirational images to help you upcycle your best lighter into jewelry.



If you’re feeling a bit crafty, turn your old lighters into keychains. We love the idea of painting old lighters with something you love. Leafly shares inspiration for 15 lighter decorations you could do right now. We personally really like the Washi Tape and hemp lighters.

If you want to be extra crafty, crochet or create a beaded non-slip case for your old lighter and make a space for a keyring. Voila! You have an awesome, unique keychain. 

Check out these tutorials on Leafly for more design ideas.


Starting a fire

Ok, we did say it would be a list of ways to use lighters beyond lighting things - but we’d be silly not to mention it! The intended purpose of a lighter is to spark a flame to start a fire or to burn things, and that feature is necessary in everyday life. For example, if you have a piece of thread that is breaking apart, you can burn the end to stop it from spreading further. Or, if your power is out and you need to burn a candle or fire in your home for heat and light, a lighter will be your best tool. Having a lighter in your pocket will give you peace of mind that you can light a fire any time you need to.


A lighter is the best pocket-sized tool

Carrying a lighter with you (even if you don’t smoke) is smart. If you don’t smoke, carrying a lighter is convenient to help burn loose threads and fuzz, plus your friends who do smoke will appreciate it when they forget their lighters. Being prepared, especially in some survival or emergency situations, means you can't forget about having access to a flame. A lighter is a key tool to add to your EDC. Having a lighter on hand is always a smart move.

Don’t smoke but want to keep a lighter on hand for emergencies? Butane lighters won’t dry out. They were created for a variety of conditions, such as wet climates or high altitude. Plus, a butane lighter is windproof, so you don’t have to worry about trying over and over again to light it in less-than-ideal conditions.


How to Use a Lighter

Struggling to use a new lighter? We can help with that, too. It can be hard to use one until you figure out the rhythm for it. Don't worry: you’re not alone and many other people have struggled too. Be patient and keep trying —  frequent practice will be a big help.

To light a lighter:

  1. Hold the lighter in your dominant hand. Locate the sparkwheel and the ignition button.
  2. Rest your thumb on the sparkwheel.
  3. With a quick, powerful motion of your thumb, roll the sparkwheel down into the ignition button.
  4. Keep repeating step 3 until you spark a flame.

That’s it! It’s as easy at 1-2-3-4.


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