Lighter USA is Going Heavy on the New Deals!

Lighter USA is Going Heavy on the New Deals!

At Lighter USA, we know there's no shortage of online retailers vying to be your supplier. It's never been easier to source lighters, vaporizers, and accessories. That's why we're so grateful that you consistently choose us for top-quality products and reliable delivery. So grateful, in fact, that we're not just going to say it — we'll show it. 

On top of constantly stocking the latest and greatest products, the newest addition on our website is tons of great deals. We want to let you know about all of our new sales and perks to ensure that you're making the most of every dollar you spend with us. Some of these offers might seem too good to be true, but don't worry — it's no smoke and mirrors act. It's just smoke. 

Get a Gift Card With the Purchase of Top-Selling Items

We've been so thrilled to see our customers loving some of our larger and newest items. We know that these pieces can be a bit of an investment, and we really appreciate you trusting us with your money. We thought it would be only fair to send you a thank-you card. And, since we all know the best cards have money in them, we'll take it one step further...

Many of our top-selling, top-dollar items will now have a gift card included with purchase! Ranging from $10-$15, these digital dollars will be given to you as soon as you check out, helping to pad your pockets for a future shopping spree. Look for yours following the purchase of items like: 

  • The Dr. Dabber Switch
  • Dr. Dabber Evo
  • Volcano Vaporizers
  • Pax 2 and 3
  • Pulsar Rok
  • Da Vinci Vaporizers
  • Arizer Vaporizers
  • Grenco G Pen / Grenco Roam
  • Blazy Susan Trays

...and more! 

These little gift card bonuses are our way of investing back into you. Plus, we know you'll better enjoy using our products if you're not worried about how or when you'll be buying your next one. Start saving up — on us. 

FREE Upgraded Shipping for Pricier Purchases

If the promise of a gift card has you excited for those bestselling items, just wait — there's more. While the gift card is certainly a nice perk, we know that the real driving force behind your purchases is the desire to have those top-quality vaporizers. That's why we're determined to get them to you faster than ever. 

At Lighter USA, we know that the gases you care about come in the form of vapors and smoke. Why should you have to worry about the fuel costs of delivering your products? That's why you can already enjoy free, nationwide shipping on all of our store's items. Now, we're taking it one step further. The same bestselling and high-ticket items listed above will get upgraded shipping, for no additional cost to you.

When we say upgraded shipping, that doesn't mean a first-class seat on the world's slowest plane. It means the quickest turnaround we can offer, with a fast and secure delivery worthy of the high costs that come with large items. We currently offer: 

  • USPS Overnight Shipping
  • USPS 2-Day Shipping
  • UPS Next Day Air Shipping

We know you'll love the products you buy from us, and we just can't wait for you to get your hands on them. Honestly, this deal is mostly for our benefit — we're just so hype to connect consumers with the vaporizers of their dreams. But we hope you'll maybe get some enjoyment out of it, too. 

Buy More, Save More Deals (Up to 15% Off!) 

 Let's be honest: Everyone loves shopping, but no one likes spending money. That's why we're instituting a "buy more, save more" incentive on a lot of our products. The concept is simple — the more top-quality products you treat yourself to, the more discounts you'll reap. 

When you buy 3 or more of these select products, you'll get 10% off of your purchase. If you hit 5 or more products, those savings go up to 15%! Build up your collection, or go in on a purchase with some friends, and have some extra cash for a drink later. You can expect to see these deals for products such as: 

  • Yocan Evolve Plus and XL
  • Yocan Uni-Pro
  • Yocan Torch
  • Yocan Uni
  • Yocan Magneto
  • Yocan Falcon
  • Yacon Batteries
  • Stonesmith Vaporizers
  • VFire Kits
  • Pulsar Vaporizers
  • C-Cell Vaporizers

You probably noticed something while reading through that list - this "buy more, save more" deal has been put on some of our most popular products. That's because this special offer isn't just us trying to clear out our inventory. We're simply trying to help our customers save as much money as they can, while getting the products that they love the most. It's never been easier to fill up a cart, without completely draining your pockets. 

Your Favorite Place to Online Shop

FDA Compliant and backed by 40,000 certified reviews, Lighter USA is your best source for affordable, convenient, and top-quality products. And because we so value being your top choice, we are dedicated to offering premium goods, without the premium price tag. 

After all, no one wants to see their money go up in smoke... unless, of course, that smoke is coming from a Lighter USA product. 

Ready to get shopping? Check out our free, upgraded shipping with the purchase of a Dr. Dabber Switch Portable E-Rig. Or, if you're ready to buy (and save!) even more, you can start by stocking up on our bestselling Yocan Evolve Plus Vaporizers

All of these new deals and discounts are in addition to our existing Earn & Burn rewards program, where you receive perks and points for everything — from referring a friend, to having a birthday, or just buying your favorite products! 

If you have yet to register an account with Lighter USA, it's time to sign up and start saving! Remember to keep checking in on our sale section and blog to make sure that you don't miss out on any new deals.