Holiday Shopping is Finally Here & We got all the Deals

Holiday Shopping is Finally Here & We got all the Deals

It's been a tough year for just about everyone in 2020, but as we prepare to finally leave it in the dust, don't be so eager to skip right into 2021 that you miss out on what's important. Sure, family, friends, and all that stuff that comes with the holidays is great, but what we're talking about today is deals. And, boy, do we have deals.

Everyone loves getting a good deal. You're more than owed one after this year. And with the Black Friday shopping weekend nearly upon us, you can expect plenty of ways to save from all your favorite stores. If you vape or smoke, you might want to add Lighter USA to that list, too.

Lighter USA is one of the premier vape supply stores on the internet. We've got just about anything you could ever want on our digital shelves, whether it's one of the big brands like Yocan, Juul, and Volcano or some classy old-school accessories like tobacco pipes and cigar cutters. You want it, we've got it and then some.

Now, we aren't here to say we're going to replace your local vape shop. After all, we love stores like that just as much as you. But with the world the way it is now, heading out into the fray just to do some Christmas shopping is a bit more dangerous than usual. That plus the fact that many businesses are cutting back their hours even during the holiday weekend with some smaller businesses being closed entirely means that your normal tried and true vape suppliers just might not be able to come through for you this year. That's why we're offering to fill in the gaps on their behalf.

Being an online retailer, you won't have to worry about any crowds, viruses, or empty shelves when you shop with Lighter USA. Just a few clicks and you'll be off to the races with every item we sell shipping for free starting on Thanksgiving and going all the way through to Cyber Monday. 

We already covered out free shipping, but what good would that be if all you've got to buy is a bunch of junk? Lucky for you, junk is the last thing we'd want to sell you. Like we mentioned before, we stock some of the top quality and most popular brands of vapes and vape supply. No matter your preference on how to smoke and what to smoke with, we've got a wide selection to browse that we're sure you'll like.

Wax, herb, oil, and more; we've got it all with vapes galore. Rhyming aside, we really do have one of the most expansive selections of products online. Recounting everything would keep us here all day, but some of our standouts are definitely the Yocan Evolve Plus XL and the Davinci IQ (that comes with a grinder as a bonus). As for e-juice, we stock flavors ranging from the classic menthol to every kind of fruit under the sun, supplied by brands ranging from Juul to Atmos to Silverback and beyond.

If you're a more traditional smoker or have either a grizzled old man or waxed-mustached hipster to shop for, you might like our selection of pipes and lighters. Of special note are our genuine Zippos with an assortment of designs, some of them being exclusive to our store. Cigar cutters, cigar holders, and attractive ashtrays are also on the menu.

Again, though, we could spend all day just previewing our products. What we really want you to focus on, though, are all our sitewide sales going on during this special time of year. After all, we wouldn't call it the ultimate shopping weekend for no reason. At least, we shouldn't.

No worries, though, because we mean what we say here. For starters, we've got our usual clearance section filled with tons of premium gear and old bestsellers at heavily reduced prices. There's also our premade gift sets and bundles that can let you save a ton on great presents for yourself or your friends. We've even got e-cig starter kits for people who might be just starting out.

But that's all standard. Starting from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday, we've got some special deals coming your way. This time only, everything you buy will be discounted a whole 15% as you check out. No strings attached, no fine print, and the only exclusion being that it doesn't apply to some of our buy more, save more items (we can't just be giving things away, you know).

That's not all, though. That 15% discount only applies on orders valued at $74.99 and under. Get up to an even $75.00? Congrats, you just earned yourself 20% off from here to $149.99. And if you've got a big list and manage to spend $150.00 or more at our store, you'll get 25% off your whole order. That's an entire quarter of the price tag slashed right off!

That's not even the best part, however. No, that would be when you realize that none of these discounts are a coupon code. That means they apply automatically, so there's no pesky copy-paste or emails to save. But even better, that means you can also use any of those pesky coupon codes we were just ribbing to get even more off. If you happen to have any codes saved up or rewards points ready to use, they're 100% compatible with these deals.

A good vape shop is hard to come by, so it's pretty lucky you managed to find us just in the nick of time. If you or someone you know enjoys the cool, refreshing taste of electronic cigarettes and you're on the lookout for the perfect gift this year, Lighter USA is just the place for you during the holidays. Act fast, though, since these deals expire after Cyber Monday.