Firing Up with Xvape

Firing Up with Xvape

  Vaporizers have evolved considerably with the process of legalization and the widespread adoption of cannabis culture. In the old days, vaporizers could cost hundreds of dollars and seemed comparably primitive, often involving plastic bags and dubious wiring. Still, people continued to look for cleaner ways to smoke, so exciting technological advances kept happening. Luckily, we kept track and feature many innovative products in our store. The choices were overwhelming, so we have created a recap of our faves.

We spent some time testing, researching, and reviewing our products and decided on our top four based on price point, design and ease of use, special features, and the XVape brand. Let the countdown begin as we review our faves. 

5.  The XVape V-ONE+

The XVape V-ONE+ is what most people think a vaporizer looks like when visualizing them. It has the traditional ceramic coil and heating dish as well as glassware and a glass mouthpiece.

Although the product is recognizable, it comes with considerable power and reaches temperatures between 662 °F and 680 °F within 2 seconds. In the past, vapes took several minutes to heat up and so two seconds is an astonishingly fast.

At a price of $59.99 and with expedient delivery, this product will get you off the ground quickly. 

4. The XVape XMAX Starry 3.0

This device is small, sleek, and smoothly crafted. It's important for a device to have an elegant form: part of the allure of smoking for some is the way holding a vape, cigarette, or vaporizer feels in their hands. It's a comfort factor. 

It doesn't look like a typical vaporizer with glass and a display. This is much more discrete and a subtle accessory. It is not overpriced and has a zirconia mouthpiece. The way it's designed resembles a canister and the mouthpiece looks high-tech as well, with a slight sci-fi feel with powerful conductors and the aluminum, anodized shell.

It's a perfect fit for people who like simple, industrial design. One small feature for clients who value aesthetics is that the typeface on it says, "Starry" in a nicely formatted font. 

The XVape Starry 3.0 comes in at a steal, costing less than $100 for an upmarket piece. 

3. The XVape Avant

The Avant is another model for dry herb, yet very compact and discrete. It's about the size of a typical smartphone, so it fits well in pockets or tucked in a small purse. The Avant is similar in design to the Starry, but a little more sophisticated in terms of temperature settings.

The best feature about this one is that you can even save and program temperature memory settings to reach your ideal plateau. The Avant is one of the best choices for botanicals in the sense that it's small, affordable ($59.99), and great for a night on the town. 

2. The XVape Aria

This is a beautiful device with plenty of room for personalization. The Aria comes in at number two on our list since personalization is quite popular when it comes to vaporizers. Choosing the color of a vaporizer is not unlike how people personalize their phones and other loved accessories that we consider an extension of ourselves and personal style.

This one is considered our classy yet flashy brand with a variety of skins to choose from, which means there's something for everyone and ranges from snakeskin to gorgeous color schemes. It has the compact look of a Pax device, but the Aria is versatile and for the dual use of both dry herb and concentrate. In fact, the Aria has some pretty distinct specs and is one of the top products in the market. 

One of the newest crazes is for devices that boast isolated airflow within the chamber. Enthusiasts know this makes the taste and flavor of concentrate, or the compound itself exude its natural aroma and most potent draw. Secondly and importantly, this means that the product is being heated without contact with the battery or other impurities. An isolated airpath also means that there are no holes and/or fresh air entering the chamber. Many enthusiasts are moving towards products with isolated chambers only, so we recommend the Aria to meet this concern.  

Additionally, the Aria provides ample opportunity for multiple uses (up to twenty per charge) and the charger is a 2,6000 MAH USB connectible battery. The Aria is only $79.00 and comes with a one-year warranty. 

1. XVape Vista Mini 2

Remember when we mentioned old-school devices with giant bags and hefty price tags? Well, this dab rig reminds us of the old products, only in the sense that it's a sophisticated, complicated, and complex piece. It's like revamping the old glass bubbler for the 21st century and one with an AIO crystal quartz atomizer, and a mesmerizing display of lights in the chamber. 

The Vista Mini 2 is a work of art with everything from wireless charging to short circuit protection. While the piece itself is solid and built well, the mouthpiece truly is elegantly sculpted and flared out. It was clearly designed with pleasure and comfort in mind, as the vaporizer is for the best concentrate in the most beautiful piece. 

Our Vista Mini 2 comes with a smell-proof case, which is yet another point that makes it seem like this is the piece that young enthusiasts dreamed of when they first began smoking. No one wants any precious flavor or tincture to leak out, and the idea of a portable, luxury vape with a sealed case reminded us of what Bond would use if he had a vaporizer of choice. 

Between the light displays, intricate glassware, and classy carrying device, we love this product and tout it as our top choice of vaporizers. At $159.00, it's hundreds of dollars cheaper than comparable prices, and a fabulous little dabber. It's perfect for both enthusiasts and new clients eager to try new devices, making the Vista Mini 2 best in show in our book!