Dr. Dabber Stella... to Infinity and Beyond!

Dr. Dabber Stella... to Infinity and Beyond!

It's finally here! One of the most anticipated vapes of 2020...Dr. Dabber's Stella is ready for liftoff! In July of 2019, the extremely popular Dr. Dabber Aurora, which was their award-winning best-selling vaporizer for several years was discontinued. Stella is named in honor of the Aurora. In Latin, Stella means "star" and Aurora is named after Aurora Borealis. Stella is gearing up to take the world by storm and for good reason. This brand new vape has all of the great features of its predecessor plus many more upgrades. Here's everything you need to know about Dr. Dabber's Stella!

Who is Dr. Dabber? 

Simply put, Dr. Dabber is known for its unsurpassed quality and cutting edge innovations. The Dr. Dabber team strives to create incredible vaping experiences that minimize health risks while still maximizing enjoyment and flavor. Their goal is to design and provide portable, convenient, and reliable vaporizers that are stylish and discreet. This is the ultimate combination to give you the ability to vape no matter where you are. Dr. Dabber prides itself in developing products that use the latest technologies with unsurpassed after-sales support. 

Overview of Dr. Dabber's Stella

The Stella is no doubt the latest and greatest new wax vape to hit the market and is already gaining incredible traction. Dr. Dabber has put everything they have into perfecting this efficient and powerful, yet fun to use vaporizer. It has a sleek modern look with an upgraded heating system, mouthpiece, charging capabilities, and much more. The experience will be worth the wait!

Features Include:

  • Innovative black stainless steel body
  • 3 temperature settings
  • Cutting edge pass-through charging
  • Unprecedented TCR technology
  • Alumina ceramic heating element
  • Revolutionary vortex airflow
  • Built-in silicone filter

Modern Design

At first glance, the Stella is shaped like a regular vape pen. However, it is anything but ordinary. It features a stylish, sleek, and modern signature black stainless steel body. It is on the thicker side, lending to its durability and comfortable to hold in the hand. Make no mistake, this device is extremely portable and discreet enough to take anywhere. 

What is the Stella Compatible With? 

Dr. Dabber's Stella offers extreme versatility. It is compatible with any THC product, CBD wax, extract, honey, or even shatter. Your experiences will not be limited by what your device can do. 

Three Temperature Settings

Three heat settings range from 460 degrees Fahrenheit to 775 degrees Fahrenheit. Lower temperatures are perfect for beginners or those looking for mild hits, while the higher temperature settings are great for those wanting an intense experience. With the touch of a button, you can easily switch between the different temperature settings based on your preferences. This means that you can easily switch it up and enjoy different types of sessions based on your preferences.

TCR Heating Element

This is a huge upgrade in the vaping world. TCR or temperature coefficient resistance means that the device offers a greater degree of temperature control. Instead of the battery consistently putting out a constant voltage regardless of the set temp, the Stella adjusts the voltage based on the temperature setting. Benefits of a TCR heating element include:

  • Eliminates dry and burned hits
  • Longer lasting coil and wick life
  • Lengthen the life of the battery
  • Improves overall consistency of the device

Vortex Airflow

An innovative vortex airflow increases the functionality of the device by optimizing flavor and increasing vapor production. It works by utilizing offset air inlets that are situated in the chamber.

Upgraded Floating Vaporization Chamber

This new floating chamber minimizes the contact of the chamber with the body of the device. This reduces the instances of heat transfer to the user. 

Airflow Regulator

The carefully thought-out airflow regulator helps reduce the splash of the oil during vaping sessions. 

Newly Designed Mouthpiece

Dr. Dabber's Stella is equipped with a newly designed mouthpiece. Not only is it larger and more sturdy, giving the user a more enjoyable experience, but it also has a built-in silicone filter.

Pass-Through Charging

This is Dr. Dabber's first vaporizer to feature pass-through charging. This means that you no longer need to wait for your device to charge before you are able to enjoy another session. Users can enjoy a session while their device is charging. Convenience doesn't get any better than this!

Extended Battery Life

Thanks to the Stella's upgraded, efficient design, users can enjoy an extended battery life, meaning less frequent charging.

Affordable Pricing

Coming in at under $100, the world has been waiting for a vape of this high of quality to be released at this price point!

Peace of Mind Manufacturing

Rest assured that Dr. Dabber's Stella is only manufactured with medical and food-grade materials. The safety of their users their top priority.

Top-of-the-Line Warranty

Dr. Dabber believes in every product it creates. Every Stella purchased comes with an incredibly reliable warranty program that you will not find anywhere else.

The Next Big Thing in Wax Vapes

Dr. Dabber left no stone unturned or detail unthought-of when it comes to the design and functionality of the Stella. It combines an aesthetically pleasing look with the latest technologies under the hood. All signs point towards the Stella following in its big sister's footsteps in terms of popularity and quality. 

See For Yourself What Everyone is Talking About!

Dr. Dabber is known far and wide for creating long-lasting, quality products such as the Aurora, Switch, and Boost that are loved by all in the vaping community. Their popularity continues to increase with users continuously anticipating the next big product. Lighter USA proudly carries a full-line of Dr. Dabber products and accessories including the Stella. 

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