A MOD of The Gods: Aspire Pegasus Box MOD

A MOD of The Gods: Aspire Pegasus Box MOD

In the ever evolving world of MODs, it can be difficult to know what you’re looking at. You can opt for a slim MOD or a full on table top model. Possibly the best compromise between the two is the Box MOD, which is fairly portable but offers many of the safety and consistency features of a table top one for instance.

In this article, we’ll look at one such Box MOD, the Aspire Pegasus. This model can be found for $69.95 at Lighter USA.

The Pegasus is made to be a one handed device. It has two controls and a display screen that completes the sleek design. The first control is a dial near the top of the unit that can be rotated to control both temperature and wattage. The other is a small button just above the display, this button acts both as the ignitor and as a lock for the wattage and temperature.

This unit is capable of a wattage output of between one and 70W, adjustable by a single watt and the firing range is between .2 ohms up to 5.0 ohms. The Pegasus is compatible with the 18650 battery, growing in popularity due to its size and ability to be recharged up to 500 times without any deterioration. The 510 connection pin also makes it compatible with most standard atomizers.

This Box Mod is equipped with a number of safety features as well, which may be its biggest advantage over Vape Pens. The first, and possibly nicest of these features is the auto shutoff on the trigger mechanism that will activate if the button is held for more than 12 sections. The other features include short circuit and discharge protection, high temperature and voltage protection, and reverse battery protection.

Aspire only includes a USB cable with the Box MOD in its standard packaging. You’ll need to buy the 18650 battery and atomizer tanks separate. It's recommended by Aspire to use an Aspire branded battery and the Aspire Triton Replaceable Tank. You can also purchase an elegant charging station to place on your desk or nightstand.

The experienced vaper will truly enjoy the features this unit offers. The combination of unit size, quality and consistency of smoke are hard to beat.