5 Types of Lighters

5 Types of Lighters

Not all flames fit all circumstances, which is why different lighters are made for a variety of purposes. From smoking a cigarette to using a pipe to lighting a candle, there’s a lighter for every circumstance. But which one is right for your needs? Below, find a brief synopsis of a few popular lighter types and purposes.

Traditional Flame

A soft flame is the characterizing feature of the traditional flame lighter. This was the popular choice for pipe smokers before the invention of the cigarette. The traditional flame, however, is just as popular with cigarette smokers as well. It is a single flame, encased in metal or plastic, that requires a spark and once ignited, gives way to a soft, candle flame. Lighter fluid is required.

Double Flame

For cigar smokers, having a strong flame is important. Though it might look like a traditional flame lighter at first glance, the double flame ignites twin cool blue flames that are powerful enough to light the dense foot of the cigar quickly and evenly. The double jet flame is incredibly versatile and can adequately light 50-ring cigars or less. Something larger than 50-ring might require more than a double flame though. The double flame is usually packaged as a compact lighter, and it requires lighter fluid in the same way a traditional flame would.

Candle Lighter

Lighters aren’t just for smokers. A multitude of other things— candles, grills, birthday cakes— all need a little fire to get going. Candles are tricky because the wick is often contained in an unreachable holder. Similarly, as the candle burns down, the wick becomes increasingly more difficult to reach. The candle lighter has a long nozzle, which enables the user to access hard-to-reach wicks. Some have straight nozzles while others have curved ones to match your personal preference.

Pipe Lighter

Though cigarettes are still popular when it comes to tobacco smoking, some people vie for the days of old and prefer a pipe. Pipes are also popular accessories for marijuana smokers. Much like a traditional flame lighter, this style is encased in compact metal and requires fluid. Some styles encase the flame itself in metal, which allows the user to aim it directly down into the bowl of the pipe without damaging the edges of the bowl or burning the user.


For some, smoking is out and vaping is in, and that’s where the vaporizer lighter comes in. Those who vape have an endless supply of options when it comes to vaporizers lighters. All-in-ones let the vaper choose between oils, concentrates, and vape juices, without having to switch pods. Other vaporizers are made specifically for one kind of vapor. There are many different types of vaporizers, as there are cigars and cigarettes. The best way to figure out which vaporizer is right for you is to research the pros and cons of each before purchase. And if you want more info on why some people vape instead of smoke, check out this article >)

Many other lighter styles are available, and picking one just depends on your needs. Ready to peruse out the options? Check out our site for a comprehensive supply.