3 Quick Tips To Avoid Overheating Vape MOD Batteries

3 Quick Tips To Avoid Overheating Vape MOD Batteries

One of the common problems that are strongly coming up in vaping forums is about vapes getting too hit. Harshness happens when the vapor enters your throat - while the harsher the heat, the worse your throat feels. Vapor temperatures should be constant for maximum pleasure. However, two main ingredients irritate making a hit spicy. Propylene and nicotine make your throat feel greater when used. You should always check your wick as the first step of taking harshness. A dirty wick ruins a good hit.

MODs are preferred tools for vaping. This is because many enthusiasts prefer its superior aesthetic flavor to other traits or devices such as the e-cigarettes. They’ve a profound durability and strength. Many experienced vapers practice vaping due to the lack of regulations. However, they can cause serious problem to modders who are ignorant of their overheating potential.

MOD Overheating Tip #1: Recognize the Usefulness of a High-Quality Battery
For most people, they never see the importance of a high-quality battery. However, low-quality batteries have a higher tendency to cause overheating. They end up causing a fire. The Lithium-Ion batteries have been proven to be safer because they turn off when heating rises. They ensure that your device remains fresh and avoid any possible overheat. For this reason, lithium batteries must be strongly ventilated. If your MOD has no proper ventilation, then you should stick to a standard quality battery. However, how would you ascertain if your MOD ventilation is of high quality? While blowing into the MOD from one corner, carefully observe the vents. You should look for the vents where the air comes in and ensure that you have many of them. These vents keep the MOD device from overheating at all times.

MOD Overheating Tip #2: Make Sure it has a Working Lock Component
Many users buy used MOD without checking for the locking component located on the instrument. The working lock component is very essential in a real MOD device. The coils within the MOD can cause fire periodically if they don’t have a locking element. Disastrous consequences can occur of your device has no lock, and you fall asleep while the MOD is heating. It can cause a fire. However, a good lock will prevent heating.

MOD Overheating Tip #3: Look at the MOD Battery Status
You should ensure that your battery is charged properly on a regular basis as one of the simplest ways to avoid overheating. You’ll short the battery if you do not charge your battery on a regular basis. Moreover, if you’ve your battery over-charged, you’ll create a problem when the MOD device is too hot. During weekends, ensure that you check the status of the battery to take care of your safety.

If you follow the quick steps outlined above, you can avoid injuring yourself and overheating your vaping batteries.