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MagicalButter - MB2E

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MagicalButter - MB2E
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Product Description

The Magical Butter Machine is the first ever counter top botanical extractor made to infuse the essential quality in herb to oil, butter, lotions, alcohol, and more. This machine precisely grinds, stirs, heats and steeps to your set times and temperatures. 

How it Works

This machine is extremely easy to use anyone can make professional like products. First, you will decarb your material by slowly warming it in an oven.


- This is a  process that uses low heat to activate your material to be fully ready for MagicalButter extraction. Spread your material out on a cookie sheet or similar & bake @ 240° F / 115° C for 30 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes to ensure all your material is evenly baked.

Make MagicalButter 

- Add your material to the MagicalButter, then add 2-5 cups of melted clarified butter. Secure the machine's head, and press the temperature button for 160F° / 71 C°. Press '2 Hours/Butter' button. After the cycle is complete, unplug the unit and remove the head. Using the LoveGlove, pour the contents into the Purify Filter and then into formed molds or any other container. Allow to cool and it's done!


  • Fully automatic, microprocessor-controlled program sequences.
  • Two-button simplicity for effortless ease of use.
  • Pitcher constructed of stainless steel.
  • Integrated digital thermostat and sensors bring laboratory-grade temp controls for consistent results.
  • Makes 2-5 cups/475-1180 ml per cycle
  • Herbal oil in 1 hour
  • Herbal butter in 2 hours
  • Herbal tincture in 4 hours
  • Concentrated botanical oil in 5 hours
  • Self-cleaning

What's in the Box:

  • MagicalButter Machine
  • DecarBox Thermometer Combo Pack
  • Magical Glove
  • Purify Micron 190 Filter
  • Magical Cookbook
  • Owner's Manual
  • 110v power cord


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