Newest Additions to the Ooze Fam Bam

Newest Additions to the Ooze Fam Bam

 Ooze is one of those brands with must-have top-quality products for your collection. As a trusted brand, you can be sure of their level of delivery with each new product that hits the market from them.

From new hit designs to fun colors and hybrid devices, Ooze products have often appeared on lists of the best devices in the vaping industry. Here are some of the new releases this year that are mind-blowing:

Ooze Tanker

This tanker battery is one of the best heavy duty 510 thread vaporizers in the market today. From a beautiful, compact, and classy design to its incredible rainbow colors, you will definitely enjoy owning it. The Ooze tanker is quite thick and you will not be able to see the cartridge as is the case with typical vape pens. Instead, what you will have is a strong and sturdy-looking device that's as functional as it is classy.

The Ooze tanker can help you protect your oil cartridges and helps avoid leaving your carts exposed like typical standard batteries do. Instead, the thermal chamber that comes with it performs several functions that will make you appreciate your Ooze tanker more. For starters, you get better airflow since the barrier it creates insulates your oils. Secondly, you no longer have to worry about damaging your cartridge by dropping it. That's because the tanker offers protection by creating a force field around it.

But that's not all. This tanker is also quite easy to use, even for someone who's not as tech-savvy. You can easily adjust the temperature of this 650mAh battery or preheat it for at least 15 seconds with a mere two clicks. You get four different voltage options and you can start from the lowest voltage, adjusting it until you find the right one to stop at. More importantly, the battery life is remarkably impressive.

You can also use the tanker without the thermal chamber. Although it's quite functional with it, not all cartridges will be compatible with it because of the size. As such, you can simply remove it and remain with the base. Also, it's best to use the micro USB charger that comes with it to ensure that you stay within the warranty conditions for this device.

510 Quad Battery

This new addition is a 500mAh, 510 thread vape pen battery. You can get one from a range of seven different colors, including panther black and ghost white. All of them feature a new square shape as the name suggests. This new shape is not just to bring out the classy design but is also functional. If you've ever had your battery roll off the table before and damaged the cartridge, you know what a nuisance it is to have a cylinder-shaped battery. But with a square battery, worrying about that is a thing of the past.

Additionally, you can adjust the temperature of your battery to your liking by simply pressing the button three times. The four voltage levels make this device one of the most flexible ones available. The battery life is also superb and made even more so by the self shut off feature. This feature allows your battery to shut off after staying idle for more than 12 minutes. You can charge your device by connecting the smart Ooze USB charger to the USB-C charging port right at the base of the device.

Bectar Collector

This is a two in one device. You can use it for both concentrate and flower. From the name you can tell, it features both a nectar collector function and a bubblers function. What makes it a nice choice is the fun colors that you can choose from while shopping. There are red, blue, purple, and two more color combinations. All of them feature a compact and unique design that makes them stylish.

The geometric shape adds to its uniqueness. Made of heat-resistant silicone, it features a strong borosilicate glass chamber, a titanium nail for concentrate users, and a Geode stash jar, among others. You can travel with it because of its size and the Bectar perfectly fits into your hands for easy grip.

This hybrid device is quite simple and straightforward to use. The silicone top comes off so you can pour water inside it. If you're using flower or dry herb, you can pack your flower bowl in the silicone flap.

UFO Silicone and Water Pipe Collector

Another innovation with fun colors is this UFO multifunctional device. You can choose from a wide range of colors, including silver, lime green, blue, purple, and black. It features endless possibilities of what you can use it for. You can use your nectar collector, dab, smoke, and vape your cartridges. It's all the easier to accomplish all that because of how easy it is to dismantle it.

It's also quite easy to maintain and keep clean. The UFO silicone and water pipe collector is dishwasher safe, but you can also dismantle it for easier cleaning. The device uses food-grade silicone that's heat resistant and more durable than other devices. To allow you to switch between the functions, this device comes with a 14mm thermal banger, a Geode stash jar, a vape pen filtration, a nectar collector with a titanium nail, and an Ooze armor bowl. Lastly, you get borosilicate glass accessories in the package.

However, you may have to buy a battery for your vape pen filtration separately as it doesn't come with the package. All in all, this is one of the best devices to add to your collection with its cool features, fun design, and hybrid functionality.

Final Thoughts

All these new additions by Ooze come at a great price and are a must-have for your collection. With new features for each addition, these new releases are innovative with limitless possibilities while remaining classy and functional. They come in various colors depending on your taste, with each featuring a cool design that leaves you feeling classy. Lastly, all of them are super portable and compact to ensure you don't have to worry about going out without your favorite device.